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  • October 16, 2016

    I feel like I haven’t composed a Top Ten list for quite some time. Ever since I gave up on a regular posting schedule my list production has faltered. If my current work/social calendar holds I should have time to post weekly Top Ten lists throughout the month of December. You know, like in the old days. The best deaths of the year, the best beers, […]

  • October 6, 2016

    You can hear it as it rises from the corner booth at your local craft beer bar. Or maybe that one friend of yours with too much disposable income who boasts a beer and Buffalo Trace Antique Collection cellar asked it of you the one (and only) time he invited you to a Bottle Share. No matter the horrible station between life and death […]

  • September 23, 2016

    By now you’ve likely seen that list circulating of the “100 Greatest TV Shows of All Time” as published by an irrelevant pop culture magazine struggling to stay relevant. I won’t link to it. I won’t cite the source. I’ll just say that it’s my belief lists such as this are produced only to keep your sad brand alive, and to generate cheap impressions to […]

  • September 20, 2016

    I briefly forgot today’s date as I was uploading the files for today’s mix tape. When I realized it is almost October my thoughts shifted to my Top 100 Albums of 2016 list. I’m way behind on discovering new music. I’m trying (in vain) to flex some hip, fresh social media muscle with a weekly “Bandcamp Thursday” campaign on Facebook. I think I’ve forgotten to post new discoveries […]

  • September 12, 2016

    Don’t laugh. It hurts. I kind of secretly not-so-secretly love Electric Light Orchestra. I mean, what’s not to love? They’re the Disco Beatles! The songs are so impossibly catchy. Maybe even literally impossible, since you can sing the words to Beatles songs over pretty much any ELO song. If you’ve never played this game before, try listening to “10538 Overture” without thinking about “Dear Prudence.” Whatever. My point is, if you […]

  • September 8, 2016

    This time last year I never would have dreamed of having a four-day weekend. In fact, this time last year I worked the Friday, Saturday, and Sunday of Labor Day weekend. You can imagine my surprise when I learned that I would have paid holiday time off on Friday in addition to paid time off on Monday’s holiday. Truly I am living like a […]