The Top Ten Animated TV Shows

July 14, 2006

Today I was hard at work editing the book, not cooking my breakfast long enough (the result of which has been sporadic, intense stomach pains for the last 4 hours), shipping some t-shirts at the post office, and feeling generally run-down. Perhaps Serena Maneesh tonight at Maxwells, but it’ll probably be a last minute decision.

The Top Ten Animated TV Shows

10) Duckman: Private Dick – Shut up. This is my list and I liked this show. I remember catching it late at night on the USA Network, my sister and I both enjoyed it. And they said Jason Alexander had the “Seinfeld Curse.” Obviously all those TV critics missed this gem.

9) The Critic – I mostly remember it from the Comedy Central Days, but it rarely if ever disappointed.

8) Dr. Katz – The squigglevision program that was a treat to watch in middle school and early high school. I always really liked the character of Ben–fitting, because he’s voiced by H. John Benjamin, the same guy who voices Coach McGuirk on Home Movies.

7) Space Ghost Coast to Coast – If anything, my silent Canadian roommate at the University of Vermont and I could at least talk about episodes of this show when Adult Swim started at the beginning of our freshman year.

6) Venture Brothers – It’s only in its second season but it’s got a wealth of potential. The best comedy writing of any modern animated program. Great homages and cross-cultural references.

5) Beavis and Butthead – The best days in elementary school and middle school were half-days, because we could come home and catch episodes of Beavis and Butthead. Sometimes I think that, had this show never existed, Z wouldn’t hurt my feelings by telling me I look like Butthead.

4) Home Movies – At its worst, episodes still guarentees at least a handful of jokes that elicit really hard laughter. Also some of the best writing of any program on this list.

3) South Park – Each episode can be poignant, disgusting and hilarious all in the span of 22 minutes.

2) Futurama – If I could write for any television show it’d be this ones. The characters are all perfect and the setting makes it perfect for ridiculous and absurd characters, places and contextual jokes.

1) The Simpsons – Obviously.

Last night after sunset at the art park we walked around town center, got some alcohol and made up new rules for ping pong–the ball isn’t allowed to touch the table. It went well. Yes, I’m a spaz.

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