October 31, 2006

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It’s Halloween now, and I’m sitting at work eating all the candy that people keep refusing. The clientele here is what we young, hip cats like to refer to as, “old farts.” Z had the brilliant idea last night that I should come to work wearing black clothing and covered in postage stamps, or “blackmail.” After first thinking the idea to be brilliant, I realized that having to explain to people what I was would be a chore. Oh, and also, I work in the ghetto. I don’t want anyone to overhear me saying “I’m blackmail!” and take it the wrong way. I’m not racist.

I’ve spent my entire shift dicking around on my iPod trying to conserve some space, and reading a new book. What book, you ask? Well…

Back in the great, distant era of erm…the mid-’90s, there was a chap by the name of Julian Cope (ex-Teardrop Explodes/music-writer geek), who decided he wanted to chronicle the history of the Krautorck genre. So, he wrote an excellent book, called Krautrocksampler, in which he not only tells readers exactly when and wear he bought all these much-sought-after-now-sadly out-of-print LPs, but paints a great picture of West Germany in the ’60s and ’70s. When he’s not waxing (his bikini) poetic, he recounts crazy stories, and draws very cool connections between projects and personalities. Cope even proclaims that Klaus Dinger “directly influenced David Bowie to take his Low direction” and “had a direct effect on the Sex Pistols, via Johnny Rotten”. Thassalotta influence!

Unfortunately, the book–much like oft-drooled-over records of the era–is out of print. But the version Ian sent me to read today has survived and been passed-down between generations (okay, not passed-down between generations, but e-mailed between friends) in a sort-of post-Soviet technological samizdat! And, since I clearly have no idea what a copyright is, I’m going to allow you all to download the PDF files of the book directly from me. If that doesn’t leave me wide-open for a lawsuit, I don’t know what does! But hey, if you want to spend $174.95 for a copy of this book, be my guest! NOTE: IF YOU ARE JULIAN COPE (OR REPRESENT JULIAN COPE, OR PUBLISHED THIS BOOK) AND YOU WOULD LIKE THIS INFORMATION REMOVED, PLEASE CONTACT ME DIRECTLY, AND I WILL SWIFTLY AND GLADLY COMPLY (and, consequently, deprive literally TENS of fanboys from learning more about the bands they love).

Krautrocksampler Part 1
Krautrocksampler Part 2

EDIT: Sorry kids, party’s over (see comments section)


  1. Bad Education

    Thank you for this! I wish I had over $200 for the real thing, but until they reissue the book, I am more than happy with an electronic version. Again, much thanks from a music dork.

  2. |

    Thanks alot!!!!

  3. christinne

    i just found this. i love you!

  4. Robert

    Have loved Kraftwerk for years and recently discovered cluster, harmonia etc and wanted to find out more about these bands, the period when they were recording but cannot afford £180 for a copy of the Krautrocksampler. So from a music junkie thank you.

  5. |

    So I read your Beware Of The Blog entry about this on my RSS reader, went to download the files, and found that they’d been removed, as had your entry. Fortunately, it was archived on my RSS reader, so I came to your blog, and lo and behold, the files here still work! So hey, thanks for your well-intentioned attempt to share with Beware Of The Blog readers. I would never have been able to grab this stuff otherwise. Thank you so much.

  6. A.R.H.

    You sir, are a genius of the highest order. Much like the chap above, I wish I could afford to splash out on the real deal as it were (or read German, and get the rather cheap German edition), but this will more than suffice for now!

    A thousand times: thank you!

  7. BunnyGod


  8. […] commonly linked under the heading of “Krautrock”. Whereas Julian Cope’s epic tome Krautrocksampler gave us biographical accounts of German bands both big and small, this documentary featured many of […]

  9. ubique

    muchissimas gracias!

  10. kenzo


  11. TJ

    Mit tiefer Dankbarkeit!

  12. DJ


  13. Troy

    Thank you very much for posting this! I have bought all of The Archdrude Of Wessex’s other books, they are all in print and well worth buying. (The megalithic guides are particularly beautiful, the autobio 2 in 1 edition is hilarious and harrowing, and Japrocksampler is a better read than a listen, truth be told.) Pity this KRSampler isn’t in reprints or available as an official bootleg on his incredible Head Heritage site, but I can understand his reasoning; it did it’s job for the time, and turned people onto what was then a pretty obscure branch of the music tree.

    Looking forward to squinting and clicking my way through this after years of longing (not to many used copies floating about here in Canada)… All the best!

    P.S.: My favourite krautrock stuff has always been the more ambient Cluster stuff, the 2 albums with Eno being truly beautiful sonic gems. The Kraftwerk catalogue is an endless source of inspiration and sonic joy, too. Julian’s very krautrock inspired Jehovahkill album is also an utter classic. Cheers.

  14. |

    […] was almost one year ago that I posted the wildly popular Julian Cope book Krautrocksampler on this hallowed institution I call my “blog” (I’m still waiting for the media to […]

  15. John

    Thank you for this – I foolishly bought the German edition of the book, was so disappointed.

  16. christina

    Thank you so much!! I ordered this book online and it got to my house in German. Thanks to your PDF I can now actually read it. You have made my day!!

  17. archipelago

    Wow! Thanks * 1000! At one point was idly considering learning German to read this, but the Top 50 list and your own ears can take you a way long too. I’m with Troy (above) on this one. I can see why Cope believes the world today has changed from how it was in the mid-90s, because his book did this job he must have hoped for. And we probably wouldn’t have had those Rother/Harmonia tours recently either. But we still *have* to read the damn thing cover to cover, so cheers. I’ve bought plenty of books and records of Cope’s and would still buy KRS if it ever did get republished. (Already surprised that Cluster are dealt with pretty swiftly though….)

  18. dinos

    Thanks man! Gestures like yours make the web a nice place : ))

  19. |

    well done and forsooth.

  20. |

    Thanks alot! Greetings from Norway!

  21. |

    Blimey, I’ve got a copy of the original uk 1st edition that i got signed by Julian.

  22. |


  23. |

    wow. many thanks!

  24. |

    “It’s Halloween now, and I’m sitting at work eating all the candy that people keep refusing. The clientele here is what we young, hip cats like to refer to as, “old farts.” Z had the brilliant idea last night that I should come to work wearing black clothing and covered in postage stamps, or “blackmail.” After first thinking the idea to be brilliant, I realized that having to explain to people what I was would be a chore. Oh, and also, I work in the ghetto. I don’t want anyone to overhear me saying “I’m blackmail!” and take it the wrong way. I’m not racist.”

    ‘Never explain, Never complain…’

  25. |


  26. |

    Count me among the happy fanboys. Thanks!

  27. |

    Thanks! Just what the doctor prescribed.

  28. |

    awl riiiiiiiiiiiiiiite. been looking for this for ages, appreciate the work drude

  29. |

    Wow, what a treat! I’ve been dreaming of tracking this down/being able to afford it for ages. Thank you for this labor of love!

  30. |

    I’m from Brazil and this is just impossible to find.
    Count me among the happy fanboys too.

  31. |


  32. |

    Thank you so much for sharing this. I’m stoked to be able to read it, ‘cuz I sure as hell can’t pay $200+ for the thing, though to actually have it in my hands would be awesome.

  33. |

    Thank you so much, not only have I wanted to read this for a while, and like everyone else cannot afford the £100 I’ve seen it advertised for. And also not being able to read German, this was a great find for me today. I’m planning to go back to do a higher ed course, and was set an essay title to see if I could cope with the intense academic modules that would be part of the course. So my essay is going to be on the history of German rock, no Schlager for me, I’m driving!!
    This book will be so helpful to me. So thank you again. theFreqD

  34. |

    Right now it costs crazy $761.82! For a used book.

    I’m a mere mortal, I couldn’t pay more than £25 for a book, but this means the world to me! Thank you for bringing culture back to its ground of spiritual values and not leaving it in the greedy hands of materialists. Life is laughing at us, when krautrock is sold as this elitary product.

    Again, thank you – you’re my hero – and I wish there were more people like you!
    Kisses from a fangirl :*

  35. |

    I’ve been looking for this one too forever. Thanks for posting!

  36. |

    Many thanks! You’re awesome!

  37. |

    Thank you,

    Fangirl #2

  38. |

    Many thanks for this online version. I have the original UK edition of Krautrocksampler that I bought almost by accident when it was released (I do remember there were at least two or three more copies at the HMV shelves!) … but it’s nice to be able to read it online as well.

    Funny thing is that while it is indeed a very interesting book I can’t understand why it’s so expensive. I know OOP books normally fetch high prices but this is a small book about a well documented music genre/era and not even the ‘definitive’ book on kraut rock rather a (very well written) mix of Julian Cope’s recollection and own opinion on the music/artists…

    Anyways, it’s great that you took the trouble to scan the book and put it online. Two fingers up to those that sell this book for 500 USD (!!).

  39. |

    merci beaucoup !

  40. Tom Lyle

    Thank you! Thank you! I’ve wanted to read this forever, always checking websites to see if it had been finally repressed or was at a used price I could afford. Now thanks to you I finally get to read it!! Through 4 chapters and so far it is as good as I had hoped! Did I say thank you?! Well, thank you!

  41. |

    Sorry about this but we’d be very grateful if you could take this down asap as there is talk of reissuing the book.

    Many thanks

  42. |

    Hi. This is Wendy again contacting you on behalf of Julian Cope. If you need to confirm this, please contact the email address provided.

    Please could you take this down because there are plans to reissue the book. Thank you.

  43. |

    This book is a real gem!!!! Priceless!!! I had the chance to purchase a copy back in 1997. Man, this book blew my mind, and introduced me to life-changing information, not only about music, about other subjects related to this type of music.
    Humanity owes a good one to master Julian…
    Eternal thanks Mr. Cope!!!!

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