Tres Mellow

December 2, 2006

As I mentioned last weekend, several members of the sonic thunderclap that is Musky Taint (3/4 Obscure References + Ilya) recorded tracks in Studio Evan Studios. In the wee morning hours we gathered with sonic winds swirling in our heads under a dim red glow that cast eerie shadows on our pale faces in the same way objects in a child’s bedroom are magnified by a solitary night light that keep everyone awake as baby cries, “there’s a monster in my room, there’s a monster in my room!” Insistent tremolo drones and delayed signal paths joined hands and danced like smoke trailing upward from a fresh cherry for a half-hour or more, until the last embers popped and faded. Our thirsted slaked, Ilya immediately predicted we could package and sell the recording for forty dollars if we labeled it as unmastered Pygmolian out-takes (that’s Slowdive, kiddies). After initially considering his offer, I decided the next best thing would be to put a clip online, for free, with a funny name.

We call this one, “Qygmalion” because I don’t mind my P’s and Q’s.

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