All The News You’ll Ever Need

February 3, 2007

Here’s the most important news from this week. Funny, all these articles were culled in the last 24 hours. I guess Monday through Thursday were the least interesting days ever.

– Not only is CNN reporting a bird flu sighting (although they call it an “outbreak” for some reason, even though 1.5% of the turkeys on one farm were infected) in England. According to CNN’s website, this is the “deadliest” bird flu. I guess we’re supposed to panic over this? [story]

– Admittedly, I have no idea how to browse the following website. But I sure wish I did. It’s all the documents submitted as evidence in the case of Comes et al. versus Microsoft. Apparently the documents include e-mails to-and-from Bill Gates and the major players at Microsoft. One in particular is from the unfortunately named Jim Allchin (the man is all chin an no neck!) to Bill Gates, in which he states that if he didn’t work for Microsoft, he’d rather buy Apple products. [story]. In a related story, Bill Gates tells Newsweek that those really pretentious Apple ads don’t bug him because they’re filled with lies, but he’s also never seen them. [story]

– The more important news story of the week is not about Aqua Teen Hunger Force. It’s about Futurama. Matt Groening talks about how the program’s move to Comedy Central will benefit it, and what we super-nerd fans can expect when the show resumes airing in 2008. I for one can’t sleep, I’m so excited. Now if only I could find a way to get a job as a writer for the show. It’s not like I don’t know the in’s and out’s of characters, settings and story arcs. I’ve only seen each episode 30 or 40 times… [story]

– The fine folks at Alexza Pharmaceuticals are reading our minds. Swallowing pills (or chewing them, or snorting them) can be such a hassle. We want all our painkillers available in smokable form. [story]

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