Don Caballero Final Tour Diary

Okay, so I have nerdy tendencies. Today just happens to be one of those days when it benefits you, too! A member of an online forum I frequent asked if anybody had a copy of the Don Caballero tour diary that appeared in Chunklet 16. After rifling through my hard drive for what felt like hours (it was maybe five minutes), I uncovered the folder where I had originally stored the article when it was available on Don Fanallero. As I was struggling with a topic for today’s entry I thought, “Why not share it with everyone?” Chunklet is apparently down to their final five copies of the magazine, which are available on their website’s store for $60. Hopefully Mr. Owings and crew won’t be angered by my sharing this historic journalistic endeavor.

So here it is, Fred Weaver’s account of Don Caballero’s final days in all its scanned glory. It’s been hailed by a many as one of the finest slices of rock journalism ever written. My own history with the story is actually quite surreal. When I first came across the article, I was home from school for winter break (2004). I was drawn in by the excellent writing, especially the climactic van wreck. Maybe an hour or two after I finished reading, a friend called me and asked if I wanted to grab some burritos. As I got into her car, she reminded me to put on my seat belt, and I joked about what I’d just read. Maybe fifteen minutes later, one block away from our destination, we were forced to stop short when an aged woman driver missed her turn. The car behind us plowed into the rear of our car, sandwiching us between it and the car in front of us. Luckily, no one was hurt. It remains the strangest confluence of events I’ve ever encountered.

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PS – Remember tonight is White Hills performing live in-studio tonight on WFMU during The Evan “Funk” Davies Show from 11pm – 2am. If you don’t know about White Hills, search the archives here for song samples, a show review, and other information. They’re one of the best current space/psych bands in the area (along with The Psychic Paramount, Titan, La Otracina et al.), and their self-released Glitter Galmour Atrocity is still my favorite album of this young year. Please listen-in tonight.


  1. Jakob

    Reading this = accident?
    I’m about halfway done.
    I’ve decided i’ll do 1/2 accident today
    1/2 accident tomorrow or whenever I decide to finish it.

    GREAT read though.
    (When don cab was in its prime)

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    Thanks for posting this! I was burgled shortly after this issue was released so I don’t have a digital version of the tour diary. As crazy as it sounds, this tour diary might be one of the greatest things I’ve ever published. Easy.

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    I was linked to this on… …it’s completely not surprising that this band had such tension in it. Chaos and strife almost scream from each recording.

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    By far the most hilarious moment (and there’s many) is “we all bought handsfree earphone/microphones for our cellphones. Ian even bought one for some reason, though he has no cell phone. I think it has something to do with the colour of the accessories”

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    […] post-rock band Don Caballero, whose disintegration over their final tour in 2000 was covered with a 16-page spread in the fanzine Chuklet before ending prematurely with an icy crash on I-75 as the band traveled to […]

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    Great read!! Thanks from Colombia..

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    This is great because it confirms what I’ve known for years; don cab were bumbling fucking prick idiots and don’t even deserve to die. They deserve sugar free desserts of very little variety. They were annoying then and annoying now. This asschap che is probably the worst of the worst as far as self-absorbed music asshole types go. Tu- two-too the dumbster.

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    if anyone’s curious to hear PIZZA, here it is:

    there’s a studio recording and 2 live recordings. you’ll have to sit through some wild banter on the live recordings, but the music is there (mistakes and all)

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    I actually expected a lot worse. Interesting to know all the details of their touring, etc… I had no idea they only got paid $700 a show O_O

  10. […] to the opening minutes of “Don Caballero 3,” he seems to finally have tamed the vision of the notoriously impetuous Che.  I’m purposely leaving Che almost totally out of this essay, even though he founded Don Cab […]

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    Been a fan for the past ten years or so, but too young to have been around for Don Cabs heyday. I would definitely make a trip to one of these shows if I had a time machine. Never did read this infamous story until today, and it is not really as bad as I was expecting. Damon and Ian seem very eccentric and ambitious in conflicting ways. This is no doubt what led to the bands success and also demise. Rather than get bent out of shape and lamenting, just let it be a beautiful and unstable moment in time. The part about Bush doing better than expected and the revelation that there are a lot more bigoted voters than previously thought has an uncanny resemblance to our last surprise election, and I feel like that same quote will repeat itself every couple of decades.

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