The Wind Harp – Song From The Hill

February 28, 2008
The Wind Harp - Song From The Hill

This one is just plain-fucking-weird. It came into the store a few weeks ago and I snatched it up immediately. I’d read about its rarity on another music blog several months earlier, so the fact that it found its way into my store was quite exciting for me. Nevertheless, here’s the story behind The Wind Harp album, which is broken down into two “cycles” called Seasons and Elements. Hence the two download links. “Issued in 1972 as a double LP set, [it] purports to represent the sounds produced by a gigantic \wind harp erected on some desolate hilltop by a hippy commune in Northern California. It is undoubtedly a spiritual sound, just not in a way that I suspect either the record company nor the hippies were anticipating. Certainly anyone sticking this on to accompany a meditation session or drug trip would get more than they bargained for; bummers, paranoia, bloody noses; all are possibilities. For however much we may be taught to view nature, and atmospheric conditions / weather systems in particular, as an entirely beautiful, harmonious system through which we can gain understanding of ourselves via an impression of dissolution within it’s patterns, it swiftly becomes clear upon dropping the needle that the sounds emerging from this here Wind Harp were REALLY FUCKING MALEVOLENT.” – Stereo Sanctity

The Wind Harp
Song From The Hill
United Artists, 1972
MediaFire download link – Part 1
MediaFire download link – Part 2

Track Listing:
01) Beginnings
02) Spring Songs
03) Solstice/Summersong
04) Turnings
05) Harvest
06) Winterwhite
07) Circle’s End
08) Fire
09) And Earth
10) And Air And Water

Dudes, LOST tonight. Plus an awesome top-ten list is coming tomorrow.


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    Now gives you the healing sound of the harp! Just click if you want to relax, ease anxiety, help make worries go away and experience tranquility.

  2. Joey Jay

    The first track on this album appears in the film and film soundtrack album to “The Exorcist.”

  3. |

    […] The Song from the Hill is a set of recordings of the Wind Harp, this giant sound sculpture on a hilltop in Vermont. Spooky, droning ambient-type stuff. […]

  4. Shells76

    I have been looking for this album for a long long time. I have a picture of me and the harp. I loved it!

  5. Tonto

    As Mark wrote above, the Wind Harp was built on a hilltop in Vermont, not in California, and was built by Ward McCain, not a group of hippies. It was most easily reached through my parent’s property, and as a teenager I was drafted to lead the album’s producers up to the harp for their first visit there. We eventually arrived on the top of the hill after getting lost a number of times, which is why I am listed as Tonto on the back cover credits. :-)

  6. Daddy-o Dilly

    I would like to see a high quality CD label reissue this LP and outtakes. Who owns the rights to this album and where are the master tapes? A 180 gram LP reissue would be nice, too.

  7. Daddy-o Dilly

    I bought this LP when it first came out. Area progressive rock radio stations gave it very decent airplay. I foolishly sold my copy in the 1980s.

  8. |

    Will be interested to hear this.

    Thanks for rescuing it and putting it up on mediafire!

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