The Bachs – Out Of The Bachs

When I worked at Crescent Golf Range (formerly 2235 Springfield Ave in Union, New Jersey), I had the closing shift. One night I was driving home from work late and listening to Tony Coulter’s show on WFMU, and the DJ was going on endlessly about a garage rock band called the Bachs. Tony played two tracks from their album Out Of The Bachs, and I was floored. I’m no garage rock junkie (in fact, the only two LPs I own that I can think of off the top of my head are this one and the Rising Storm one), but this shit is so good.

Apparently the band lived in the suburbs of Chicago, and they existed for only three years. Their performances were at school dances, private parties and small teenager clubs, but after a few years of making less than $200 a night they decided to forgo music in order to take their lives in different directions. Fortunately for us, this album will serve as a great reminder for just how awesome the band was. In 2004, it was re-issued by Gear Fab. You can order it from Close your eyes and step out of the box bachs.

I’ve only ever seen one original copy of this album (some say only 150 were originally pressed, others claim 300). A dead-mint copy of the original on Roto could set you back almost five figures. The only I saw was priced at $7,500 and it was in beautiful condition. Just last week a copy in its original shrink wrap sold at auction for $8,500. Collectors don’t call this item a “Holy Grail” for nothin’. My copy is the Del Val re-issue, which has increased in value in recent years. It’s also been counterfeited by numerous bootleg labels.

The Bachs
Out Of The Bachs
Roto Records, 1968
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01) You’re Mine
02) Pleasure Of Your Company
03) Free Fall
04) I See Her
05) My Independence Day
06) Minister To A Mind Diseased
07) Tables Of Grass Fields
08) Show Me That You Want To Go Home
09) Sitting
10) Nevermore
11) Answer To Yesterday
12) I’m A Little Boy


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