Early Lines – Hate The Living Love The Dead

November 24, 2008

Early Lines are a punk rock band from Plano, Texas. Plano is known nationally for a string of suicides amongst high school students in the mid-’80s, and a city-wide surge in heroin use a decade later. Dozens of students died as a result of drug odverdoses. Everybody was effected. The members of Early Lines lived through both of these dark periods, and the majority of the band’s songs are thematically linked to Plano’s historic struggles. I think. I read that all somewhere, but who knows if its 100% true. It sure seems true after having listened to the album fifty times or so. Please enjoy!

Early Lines
Hate The Living Love The Dead
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Strictly Regional
Tie Your Shoes
Ahead Due To Trauma
Slip Skid Run
Food And Anti-Drug Administration
Heaven Muto
We Could Do Better
Shake His Head
Loosen Up
Strippers’ Taxes
Raccoon Eyes
Gina’s Daughter

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