Kenneth Higney – Attic Demonstration

November 1, 2008

Kenneth Higney is a rock musician whose only album, Attic Demonstration, became a cult favourite amongst record collectors. It was recorded in 1976 as a means of selling his songwriting services to other musicians, but was released as a commercial prospect.

Attic Demonstration featured Higney on vocals and electric guitar, with an ad-hoc band consisting of Higney’s personal friends Gordon Gaines (guitars, drums), John Duva (bass guitar), and Mark Volpe (guitar, percussion). It had a limited release of 500 copies in September 1976, and earned a favourable review in Trouser Press magazine, but was not a commercial success. It was re-mastered and re-released by Higney’s own label, Kebrutney Records, in 2003.

The remaster also included Higney’s only other commercial release, the 1980 seven-inch single “I Wanna be the King”, b/w “Funky Kinky”. The former song was a tribute to New York Dolls guitarist and punk legend Johnny Thunders, and contained the line “I’m gonna be a star / I hate the sissy music of John Denver”, whilst the latter was a foray into the world of disco. Both songs were written by Higney, and featured Gordon Gaines and Mark Volpe, plus John Lynch (bass guitar). Gaines died in 1997.

Kenneth Higney
Attic Demonstration
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01. Night Rider
02. Children Of Sound
03. Rock Star
04. Can’t Love That Woman
05. Look At The River
06. Quietly Leave Me
07. Let Us Pray
08. I’ll Cry Tomorrow
09. No Heavy Trucking
10. Funky Kinky
11. I Wanna Be The King

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