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Sunday Mix Tape – Number 120

Welcome to the end of the weekend. I don’t have anything to write about, so instead I’ll show you a very quick video. A couple years ago I showed up at a birthday party with Ken and Z. I didn’t know anybody else there. I did not know the kid whose birthday it was. But, for some reason, I felt obligated to stand up during his birthday toast and say a few words about him. I don’t remember why, but I guess it was pretty funny. Anyway, here’s video footage of the short speech I gave (I’m not the first guy you see, I’m the guy in the white thermal shirt who stands up for no reason in the middle and starts yammering about a tree house). Watch the birthday toast

RULES for uninitiated noobs: With roughly 100MB of webspace, I give birth to a weekly Mix Tape to be deposited on your iPods or Zunes or Kingklangs or whatever the industry is currently pushing on you. Sometimes there will be themes that link all the songs together, other times I’ll just throw songs at a wall (not literally) and see what sticks. This week we’ve got some Northern Soul gems, a Doo Wop smash, and then a bunch of shit that completely doesn’t work together! Trust me, you’ll enjoy it. Ya Ho Wa 13, Nebulah and The Solitaires!? What the fuck! As always, these songs will be removed if desired by the band or those who represent them. Let me know and I will gladly comply. The goal of this endeavor, as always, is to pique your interest in these artists so you’ll support the artists and buy their albums.

Sunday Mix Tape – Number 120

01. The Solitaires – I Really Love You So
02. Slowdive – Morningrise
03. Alice Cooper – Muscle Of Love
04. Circle – Connection
05. Beat Happening – Cry For A Shadow
06. Moondog – Here’s To John Wesley Harding
07. Grandaddy – Taster
08. Hey Colossus – Are Nice Men
09. Unwound – Love And Fear
10. Screaming Trees – Sworn And Broken
11. King Crimson – Pictures Of A City
12. Child Molesters – Don’t Worry Kyoko
13. Negativland – Richard Nixon Died Today
14. James Brown – Come Rain Or Come Shine
15. Ya Ho Wa 13 – Time Travel
16. Nebula – The Other Side
17. Terry Riley – Dorian Reeds
18. Invitations – What’s Wrong With My Baby

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