Spiritualized – Flux Festival; Edinburgh Scotland (1998-08-14)

December 29, 2008

Screw the last show I posted. This is one of the most unique Spiritualized shows I have ever heard. The band is accompanied by a full choir, who add an ethereal, downright stunning quality to these songs. “Ladies And Gentlemen We Are Floating In Space” is unreal; the performance begins with an extended choral lick before not-so-subtly morphing into the tune’s recognizable melody. All those voices singing the different interconnected lyrics creates something majestic, beautiful, and wholly unrecognizable from the original recording.

All the arrangements for these tunes are vastly different from what fans of the band are used to, which makes this recording even more exciting, and challenging, and incredible. Dig in and close your eyes and enjoy.

Flux Festival; Edinburg, Scotland
August 14th, 1998
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01. Intro
02. Ladies And Gentlemen We Are Floating In Space
03. No God Only Religion
04. Choir
05. Cool Waves
06. The Individual
07. Lord Can You Hear Me
08. Choir
09. Choir
10. Feel So Sad (Part 1)
11. Feel So Sad (Part 2)


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