Extradition – Hush

From Aquarius Records: “Extradition were an obscure early seventies Australian psych-folk group very much influenced by the British Folk revival, in particular, Fairport Convention and Pentangle. Fronted by singer Shayna Karlin, whose high timbre voice falls somewhere between Pentangle’s Jaqui McShee and June Tabor, and multi-instrumentalist (and sometimes singer) Colin Campbell, who wrote most of the bands material. What sets them apart is how they shade their haunting and graceful compositions with an adventurous use of natural elements as instruments including leaves, branches, water, sticks and stones along with more exotic instrumentation of Chinese and Turkish gongs, harmonium, harpsichord, tablas and a Lebanese bell tree. This creates a more alchemical binding of music and nature that transports us to another place rather than grounding us in a traditional past.”

The recent CD reissue by Vicious Sloth Collectibles contains the whole album plus six bonus tracks that were recorded live. One of those tracks is a cover of Leroy Carr’s “In The Evening,” which was more famously covered by Karen Dalton.

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01. A Water Song
02. A Love Song
03. Original Whim
04. Minuet
05. A Moonsong
06. Dear One
07. A Woman Song
08. I Feel The Sun
09. Ice
10. Song For The Sunrise


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