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Photographer Katie’s Week In New York

I walked more this week then I have since going to the Wildwood, NJ boardwalk as a kid. My legs and feet are still sore. I got a week off of school though…

The famous NYC trip at the Rochester Institute of Technology for graduating photographer majors is one of the hardest things to get into come registration time. The teachers make a huge deal about having a solid portfolio of images put together in a $300 portfolio and we HAVE to make promo cards to hand out and blah blah blah…

Basically they hype us up and get everyone frantic and nervous over the ‘greatest opportunity of our college experience.’

The week was crazy. Monday through Thursday were over 12 hour days. I got maybe 5 hours of sleep each night. It was exhausting. We met with photographers, ad agencies, rental studios, retouching houses, art buyers, even Martha Stewart. (We saw the back of her head through her glass office) We got to show our portfolios to lots of people in the industry and get their feedback on our work. (They all told us to assist when we graduate. That means we all suck.) It was 20 students and 2 teachers. There were no breaks in the day. Just enough time to grab something to eat and pee before entering the next meeting. Peeing in NY is quite an issue but you can always count on Starbucks for a bathroom. We ate in a sandwich place that you had to enter a code on the bathroom door in order to get in. The code was on the bottom of your receipt. I guess the bums abused their peeing privileges and ruined it for the rest of us.

What I got out of this trip:

-I can get around the city pretty well now.
-Every photographer told us that we will learn more in the first 2 months of being a photographers assistant than we did in our 4 (or 5 for me) years of college… hmmm and you get PAID to be an assistant… interesting…
-I can chill the fuck out because apparently I wont know shit until AFTER I graduate.
-Don’t be late for the bus. It may mean you have to wait an hour to catch the next one.
-The trip confirmed the fact that RIT successfully tore out my soul, threw it on the ground and smashed it with a sledgehammer. I am now just beginning to pick up the pieces and re-attach them. Their whole philosophy is corrupt. Taking pictures without using 5 lights is OK. Really. Using sunlight is OK. really? YES, really.
– School is like an alternate reality and the teachers don’t really know as much about the real world as they pretend they do.

Unfortunately, I didn’t take any pictures on the trip. I’m broke. I don’t even have one of those point and shoot digital cameras. I’m saving up for my $3,000 one when I graduate. So I have nothing to show you of New York City. BUT, you should definitely check out these links of all the photographers we met on the trip. And of course check out MY site: And remember my name. I WILL be a famous photographer one day… This dood is cool as hell. I will hopefully be assisting him this summer. We didn’t meet this guy. Chad Griffith told me about him cause he said I would love his work. He was right. This is the type of shit I want to do. Will be doing… Old Israeli couple with a sick studio that they also live in. We ate pizza and drank beer in this doods studio. Cool guy Funny guy. He doesn’t mean or attempt to be funny. He just is. Showed us a great slide show of his work and cracked jokes with a straight face throughout. Old scottish man with a great accent. Talk about been there, done that. German guy. Also has a great accent. Cool dreads too. Loves close ups. English guy. ALSO has a really cool accent. (I think having a cool accent MAY be a pre-requisite for being a high paid photographer)

And that’s all she wrote…


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