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Pretty Flags : Deep inside WFMU

Long-time lurker , first time blogger Dan-o here [more commonly referred to simply as “Z” – ed.] with an exciting recollection of my recording session at WFMU. My new band Pretty Flags recently got invited by DJ Marty Mcsorley to do a live set on his show. I totally creamed my fan-jeans when I got the news. Most of my out-of-town friends don’t know/couldn’t give two shits about WFMU, but dudes, its a big deal.

The band, consisting of the Kirwin siblings, Zak and Ailey, and myself piled into a station wagon on a foggy sunday afternoon to head over river into Jersey City. We were accompanied by Jamie Siegal, action photographer, to document our adventure. The ship was captained by Peter Kirwin, father of 2/3 of the band.

We arrived at a totally desolate downtown Jersey City and had about an hour to kill before we hit the studio, so we went down to the water-front to pose for some killer photographs. Luckily, we had color-coordinated our hoodies so we not only felt but also looked like a really tough gang of rock ‘n’ rollers. After about an hour of posing/pouting/sucking fresh jersey air, Peter went to go check out the NCAA game at a local bar, and we headed inside the studio to do our thang.

We were greeted by Trent, who was our engineer.DJ Marty arrived a little later, as diva’s will do, with one of the last 6-packs of Sparks in existence. We don’t drink that shit cuz it tastes like cough syrup, but Marty loves it so all the power to him. We set up rather quickly due to the fact that our drummer is an ipod. They had a slew of nice amps and microphones, which is a nice change of pace from the shitty amps and shitty mics we normally use. I even got to plug into 2 bass amps at once, one with a distortion on it and one with my super secret signature effect.

After a quick soundcheck and some false starts, we got down to business as Marty and Trent looked on from the control room. At some point Papa Kirwin came up and was in the control room rooting us on, causing some minor Junior High field hockey flashbacks for Ailey, but we remained focused. We knocked out our set and had a nice little interview afterwards, which was ripe with goofballs and hyper-bole.

We packed up , made some jokes, the piled into the car and back to Brooklyn we went. It was a great experience and we had a lot of fun, big thanks to Marty Mcsorley, Trent, Papa Kirwin, and Jamie Siegal for making this fanboys’ dream come true. You can listen to our live set in the WFMU archives for April 1st . Our set is about an hour and twenty minutes into the program, so check it out . Big-ups to Evan for letting me blog all over his blog, and a special thanks to you, lonely internet surfer, this is all for you. PEACE OUT! <—- Pretty Flags

Listen to the archived broadcast (MP3)
Listen to the Pretty Flags song “Pretty Flags” (M4A)

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