Some Quick Answers (And More Questions)

Hello all, long-time reader first-time blogger, Bennett. Seems like last night Evan got his wish on one and a half of his questions. Not a lot, but considering how much LOST has been giving us each episode, I anticipate more questions will be answered in the weeks to come.

As for Evan’s list – we know where Aaron is. It was almost sad when Roger asked Kate if she had any kids and she replied “No.” But then I saw her get all frantic and half-ass scared at the Supermarket and I felt very little for Freckles. Evidently, I felt about as much for her as she did for Aaron. She left him in a motel room to be picked up by his grandmother, who, if you ask me, always looks like she’s about to cry. And she’s nowhere near as hot as Claire (even dead Claire). I miss dead Claire.

Speaking of missing people, did Juliet tell us that the other doctor was “down in the Looking Glass with Faraday?” I’ve been wondering where that guy was ever since he stared wistfully at young Charlotte. But I’m sure we haven’t seen the last of him.

Meanwhile, Miles did a terrific job answering (most of) Hurley’s questions about time, and their place in it. Their conversation was one of the most informative and funny things about last night’s episode. I think he is much more relatable than Daniel and damn less moody.

Jack, though, was moody enough for all of them. I am not sure what to think about the sexual tension between him and Juliet in the bathroom, but she sure seemed hurt by his refusal to help. I also got the impression that she might still have feelings for him. This happens at the same time Sawyer is telling Kate that he wants to save Ben for Juliet.

On that topic, am I alone in thinking that if I got to that point and realized what kind of shit was going to go down because I gave the kid to Richard Alpert, I’d seriously consider just walking back to the van and letting little Ben die on the trip back to the barracks? Do you really want to save one kid THAT much? Do you really want to save THAT kid THAT much?

This interaction brings me to my last observation, which was the conversation between Alpert and the anonymous Other. When Alpert decided not to tell Ellie, and seemed unafraid of what Charles would do, I got sorta tingly. Not for the mascara, but for the info that they were still around on the island that late in the game. It’s the mid-’70s and Widmore and Eloise Hawking are still on the island. This would half-answer Evan’s inquiry on Widmore, or at least tell us that he hasn’t left yet and that, hopefully within the rest of this season, we’ll find out when/ why / how Charles and Ellie depart.

I’m sure Evan will have his take on the episode, and I definitely glossed over some things (Roger Workman sounding all Michael “That’s my kid!”) but I hope I hit the high notes. I will leave you all with what are, I hope, Aaron’s last words on the show: Juice Box.


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    Bennett! Molto bene! Congratulations on your first SF post. Maybe I’ll keep you around a little longer…

    Here’s a copy of the e-mail I sent to my LOST recap e-mail list this morning:

    holy crippled crap.

    i like the idea that richard alpert’s explanation of what was going to happen to lil’ ben could also be applied to rousseau’s men. if THEY had their minds wiped after being sucked into the pit of the temple, could that account for the “madness” or “sickness” that rousseau perceived? i believe next week this is going to be answered, as we saw a brief clip of younger rousseau in the preview for 5×12.

    secondly, as far as the love rhombus is concerned, i’m guessing that sawyer-juliet is all but over. according to a news story, the actress who plays juliet is up for the lead role in another show ( which probably means she’s dead by the end of this season. that leaves kate for sawyer, and jack for…the island. and, by the way, watching jack flippantly tell sawyer and kate to go screw (not literally) when they pleaded for his help last night was my favorite scene in the episode. equally as good was the “you didn’t like the old me, kate” quote. bitter? yes. true? also yes.

    although, i have a hard time believing that a girl who ran away from dudes her whole life (even ones she was married to! like kevin! rhymes with evan? i think evangeline lilly secretly wants to f me) would be willing to get engaged to jack if she didn’t like him. but maybe that whole coping-with-the-loss-of-sawyer thing extended beyond her need for aaron into a need for some deep doctor dicking.

    nate mentioned yesterday that somebody “big” from some other tv she he watches (wait — there are other shows on television?) was just cast as a role on LOST. he claims that person could be cast as jacob, but now i’m wondering if maybe its middle-aged widmore. we’ve seen him as a ww2 dude at 17 and an old man, but they still need someone to play him in ’77 and beyond to see how that part of his life plays out. it’s amazing that he’s still on the island after this long, and even more amazing that he’ll be on the island LONGER considering ben had to “trick” him off the island, which won’t happen until ben is a grownup.

    load blown.

    it was a lot of “filler” last night, but they answered some good questions. next week will be epic.

    funny note, after the episode there was a hilarious conversation that took place in which we wondered if, after richard said he could save ben, maybe richard would just lay the kid’s body down in the dirt and apply some guyliner to little ben’s lashes. then he’d say, “all done.” as ben continues bleeding through his tourniquet.

    “THAT’S IT!?” exclaim sawyer and kate.

    “i SAID all done,” alpert says, admiring his eyeliner-applying skillz.

    then ben dies. hence the name of next week’s episode, “dead is dead.”

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    Speaking of hot dead Claire, I wonder why Kate told Claire’s mom that Claire was alive. Wha?

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