Jr And His Soulettes – Psychodelic Sounds

June 24, 2009

This is one of those rare LPs that you usually only see once in a lifetime. It’s been repressed and bootlegged and made available on CD, but to find an original is near-impossible. The number of copies in existence is said to be extremely low following an incident which led to the destruction of many copies before they could be sold. Whoever had the idea to shrink wrap the albums on a meat packing machine helped deprive more of us the opportunity to own this fantastic record.

Much like the Dandelions LP I posted earlier this year, Jr. And His Soulettes are a young group. Harold Moore Jr. (age 10), his sisters Denise Marshall (7), Jacquelin Carol (6), and Vinta Marie (9) record some amazing child-funk jams. They were like the Jackson 5, except from Oklahoma and born on the wrong side of the tracks. Psychodelic Sounds, released privately in 1971, is treasured among collectors of funk, psych and garage music. We had an original copy at the store recently, but I don’t think any photographs of the back cover or label exist in our database. Believe, I’ve looked.

The Acid Archives writes that the music “approaches that cheesy Sunset Strip b-movie exploito psych sound but this is the real thing. When they sing, this beast approaches Shagg’s territory. Great tunes like, “Momma, Love Tequila”, “Waw-Waw Rock”, and “Rock ‘n Roll Santa”. The incredible cover shows three shots of them in action including one with Jr in a failed split playing licks behind his head!”

The six year old sister, Jacquelin Carol, plays wah-wah organ. You have to hear it.

I’d upload my own rip of this album but I’m in a huge rush today, so thanks must go out to Allegory Of Allergies for letting me hijack their rip.

Jr And His Soulettes
Psychodelic Sounds
MediaFire DL Link

01. Thing, Do The Creep
02. Momma, Love Tequila
03. Pimp
04. Waw-Waw Rock
05. Love From Above
06. Flip WIll
07. Do Your Funky Thing
08. Slow
09. Sweet Little One
10. Kewetha
11. Kat-Walk
12. Rock ‘n Roll Santa
13. Rock Blues
14. Pop Junior Pop


  1. Dean

    I too have an original copy of Psychodelic Sounds, I would be curious to know more about the one you had . its so rare, ive only heard of about 2 other known copies, mine actually still has shrink

  2. BeatnikMan

    I have it on CD. It appears to be a bootleg or unauthorized copy. One of the most radically enhanced funky freakouts you can throttle your gray matter with. These kids has soul and funk combined!

  3. Anonymous

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