Killdozer – November 4th, 2008 (Live On WFMU)

The following recording was taken from WFMU’s Beware of The Blog, and I have no shame in posting the files here because I will be providing their blog with fresh content later today! I think that’s a fair trade-off, right? I blog for them, I can extract from their audio goldmine the occasional in-studio performance. Everybody wins. Except for the WFMU blog readers who have to grin and bear my verbose drivel every other Thursday.

On October 13th, 2008 I went to see Killdozer at The Echo in Los Angeles. Less than a month later, the amazing rock band showed up in my home state of New Jersey to perform live on Brian Turner’s program — on Election Day! I think I was working that afternoon, or I would have listened live over the Internet. I’ve since listened to the band’s set a dozen times or more. It’s crushing and brilliant!

I always love reading Mark Prindle’s mini band biographies. He very accurately describes Killdozer when he writes, “If you’ve ever heard this band, you undoubtedly remember them as “that band with the lead singer who uses that really low silly growl all the time.” And, as well you should, as that’s their gimmick! And trust you me, no matter what he might be shouting about, tiny skinny little monstermouth Michael Gerald always finds a way to make you laugh. And laugh. And laugh. Okay, he always finds a way to make me laugh. But wait a fair moment, for I’ve not completed my thought: Killdozer was much more than just a guy with a funny voice; their music was phenomenal, too. Whether careening around in Butthole Surfers-like noise attacks or droning and fuzzing in beautifully tight post-Sabbath earth tones, the frighteningly somber Hobson brothers knew exactly what they were doing. Then, of course, one of the Hobsons quit and the whole concept started to get a bit pointless. Still, although I can’t recommend the final LP God Hears Pleas Of The Innocent, I promise that any open-minded lover of loudness will get at least a wee bit of enjoyment out of any other album they recorded, and possibly a couple they didn’t. Hah?”

Live On WFMU – November 4th, 2008
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01. Cotton Bolls
02. Cyst
03. Lupus
04. King Of Sex
05. I Am, I Said
06. Sonnet
07. New Pants And Shirt
08. Live Your Life Like You Don’t Exist
09. (Banter)
10. Gates Of Heaven
11. (WFMU Interview)
12. Sweet Home Alabama

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