Damon – Song Of A Gypsy

From Hippie DJ Kit:

“Damon is the artistic name of David Del Conte, a genius American gypsy musician who is responsible for one the rarest and most sought-after psychedelic album of all time. Based in Los Angeles, David Del Conte and Charlie Carey had already pursued careers in popular music for many years before deciding to embrace the underground rock movement. His debut album, Song of a Gypsy, which was originally released in 1969, has a totally unique sound, with the “crooner-like” voice of Damon, the omnipresent melodic fuzz guitar of Charlie Carey and truly atmospheric melodies. Amazing druggy fuzzed out psychedelic album with exotic atmosphere, eclectic percussion and trippy songs.

Song of a Gypsy represented the beginning of Damon’s search for love and the meaning of life. His follow-up album, Gypsy Eyes, speaks of growth and a greater understanding of what has been learned over these past several years. The songs are about love, good times and bad.”

Song Of A Gypsy
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01. Song Of A Gypsy
02. Poor Poor Genie
03. Don’t You Feel Me
04. Did You Ever
05. Funky Funky Blues
06. Do You
07. The Night
08. I Feel Your Love
09. Birds Fly So High
10. The Road Of Life


  1. MikeM

    nnc, but this is really good evan. thanks for turning me on to this!

  2. THANKS Babatunji

    A Great rarity. Thanks! what do you think of his new release?

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