Lusk – Free Mars

Every once in a while, the Los Angeles music scene churns out something that isn’t total shit masked by perfect hair and vintage clothing. I think the last time I heard a good album from a band out of LA was before I even moved here, in ’04. The Autolux record Future Perfect. That was a good one.

It should come as no surprise then, that Autolux member Greg Edwards was also a member of a sadly unheralded (at least by modern standards, like the music blog) late-’90s psychedelic pop band Lusk. Along with Brad Laner (Medicine), Paul D’amour (Tool) and Chris Pitman (Replicants), Lusk created one record of dreamy, futuristic sounds cleverly disguised as a pop album! Of course, it came out in 1997, so OK Computer was at the time setting the bar for just how far down one’s throat a rock critic could fit the collective penises of Radiohead. Lusk did receive a Grammy nod for this album, in the category of Best Recording Package (and it is very cool packaging indeed), but they lost out to the Titanic soundtrack or something. Typical. The band never toured. I don’t even know if you could call them an LA band, but for the purposes of supporting my opening statement I’ve decided to saddle them with that unfavorable title.

If you like the Olivia Tremor Control, this record is probably better than theirs. Blasphemy? Or is it possible I speak the truth! Either way, let’s keep this Lusk appreciation thing going into the next decade, shall we?

Free Mars
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01. Backworlds
02. Savvy Kangaroos
03. Gold
04. Free Mars
05. Doctor
06. Mindray
07. The Hotel Family Affair
08. Black Sea Me
09. Undergarden
10. Kill The King
11. My Good Fishwife


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    The video for Backworlds ended up on MTV’s 12 Angry Viewers. Remember that show? Must’ve been 11 or 12. Anyway, I just remember the video losing to something stupid, and the video is awesome.

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    I bought a copy of this based on your recommendation and the Autolux connection. I was curious to see the cover package, and it is nice. My favorite songs are “Doctor” and “Kill the King”. Thanks!

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    Hell and my friend tripped balls on E to this album…I’ve read were people hate it, but I cant help but find it amazing.

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    People generally are followers, and they don’t know shit. Herd Mentality, Group Think, whatever you want to call it. But Lusk – Free Mars is a brilliant brilliant record. It’s one of my all time favorites. It’s 2018 and I can’t believe that it came out in 97.

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