Stephen David Heitkotter – Heitkotter (Ego, 1971)

Was it last month or two months ago when I listed the ten best private press records in America? Either way, Heitkotter made the list as an honorable mention, which is to say I would have included it had I access to MP3s of the album. My new best friend and benefactor “Viagra Falls” e-mailed me yesterday morning almost one gigabyte of unusual, private press LPs. Heitkotter was included, and I’ve already listened to it twice in less than 24 hours. Simply amazing music that needs to be heard by more people.

The Acid Archives writes:

“Intense real people/fringe LP popular among psych mafiosos, a 3-man band with guitar, bass and drums led by Steven David Heitkotter, presumably recorded inside the mental institution where the guy has been for decades. Track titles include “Hangin’ All Night”, “Quaker, Dog Got Away” and the 14-minute “Fly Over The Moon”. The vibe is intense and feverish like a nightmare, unique LP that lives up to its reputation. This may have been a test press only and comes in a blank cover, except for the handwritten title. He was also in a garage band in the 1960s that released a few 45s. [PL]”

“This is a truly disturbing record… so far out-there it goes beyond what could be classified as “genius”. At times all three musicians sound like they are playing different songs and somehow you’re able to groove along on three different levels. This is not for everyone, but if you’ve been down every “psych” road out there and enjoyed each and every one of them, Heitkotter might be for you. I can see 20-25 people thinking this is the greatest LP ever recorded and everyone else thinking it was a piece of trash. [RH]”

Photos courtesy of Allegory Of Allergies

Stephen David Heitkotter
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01. Hangin’ All Night
02. I Don’t Mind
03. Quaker, Dog Got Away
04. Cadillac Woman
05. Fly Over The Moon


  1. LBx

    this is really great. have to say that it’s much more interesting than anything on your ‘private press top 10’ list that i heard. should have been in there! good stuff…

  2. ellis d . brown

    Cool! Thanks for letting me hear this to decide if itis worth all the hype- So far sounds great!Thanks

  3. |

    Hi, could you please reupload this one? It sounds amazing!

  4. |

    What do they mean by “real people/fringe” record ? : /

    • |

      fringe = existing in the margins, as compared to mainstream music.
      “real people” = a young kid with a dream of being a famous musician, not a professional musician.

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