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August 18, 2009

Hey there, l337 readers! What’s up? NMU? I just got home from work, and am NIFOC thinking about how much ILF/MD. Sorry for all the confusion with the “code words,” but I’ve got to KPC, if you know what I mean. It’s not like I’ve got a P911 MOS (or even PAL/PAW/PIR) situation over here in California, but I’ve gotta keep things on the DL — and I’m not talking about the Disabled List. Hell, even from 2,500 miles away I’ve always got to be KPC — especially about MsOOS and all the crazy shit that goes on in my life. They think I just go to work in the morning, come home at night and play Nintendo or watch TV. They probably aren’t even sure if I’m SorG, the losers. They’ll never know about how I deal 7, or find my ridiculous PRON collection, or any of my vices. They’re so un-hip. Hell, even some of my good friends don’t know that I’m FOL. God, sometimes I wonder if anyone outside of my blog audience knows me at all.

Hey, before I tell you all about the new poll I launched (see left side bar), I’ve got a question for a small number of readers. To any girls who are reading this right now. IIT? And by that I mean your Kitty. If so, IMEZRU? RUH? Do you need an FB? LMIRL. Don’t bother leaving a comment with your answers, just get back to me via e-mail and we’ll take this club to a whole new level. 143.

There is a new poll running for the next seven days. I want you to tell me which cohort is the most despicable. Is it the Baby Boomers? Hipsters? Celebrities? Government? What about Radiohead? I hate those British fops! What’s the big deal with them, anyway? Register as a Swan Fungus user, cast your vote and you could win a prize! I’ll contact the winner to get your ADR, then send you your prize. I’ve already given away some free 45s, a DVD box, a signed glossy photo and more! This week’s prize is a signed Ronnie James Dio 8×10 photograph. If you’ve ever donated to this website, there’s a chance your “Thank You” care package included a signed Ronnie James Dio item. I’ve got a lot of ’em. Don’t ask me why (no, he wasn’t a PFB or anything like that! OMG!). So, register for your own Swan Fungus account (no ASL necessary), vote for the most despicable people on Earth, and you could win a cool prize! 459! K4Y!

Oh God, IWSN! I’m practically J/O over here, having the hardest time concentrating on just getting some words down to complete this blog post. Will any of you just TDTM so I can whip out my banana and drop a load all over my laptop? Wait — MorF — because that’s super-important, obviously. I know I say and do some pretty desperate thing sometimes, but I’d never stoop so low as to settle for a dude. NALOPKT.

After almost two years of not touching the Apple PhotoBooth program, I’ve started taking some ugly pictures of myself. Do you ever do that? Maybe we can trade some pictures. S2R. And also, if you ever GYPO and GNOC, let me know. We can iChat with video sometime and just see what happens. You know…find out if there are any sparks or something. Please try to make sure there aren’t any CD9s on your end, or I’ll be super pissed. RU/18 shouldn’t even have to be asked…

A bunch of people just came over for Week 2 of our LOST re-watch project. It’s a bunch of foreigners, Tom, Maryn, Nicci, Shaun and I. I don’t know if these people like it IF/IB, but they brought over some good drinks, maybe I’ll find out before the night is through. I’m still enjoying my Elmer T. Lee Kentucky straight bourbon. It’s so smooth and easy to drink, I love how it loosens me up a bit. Last night I actually yelled FMLTWIA in the middle of a crowded room. It was so embarrassing, but I was a little tipsy so I got away with it.

Is it awkward to ask a potential employer DUM or DUSL? If so, I think that job interview I went on the other day probably didn’t go too well. What can I say…I was curious. She had a face like she had a vise for a Kitty.

182. WYCM? IAYM.

Today’s blog post was constructed using 50 Text Acronyms Parents Should Know, which were posted online courtesy of Fox Atlanta’s website. Have fun decoding the messages!

Polvo – Right The Relation
The Residents – Japanese Watercolor
Jason Lytle – Here For Good

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