Talking About Vinyl And Web Searches

August 12, 2009

So by now you all know I’m a huge record nerd. I work in a fucking record store. I’m probably more into records than I am beers, and that says a lot. I don’t know how large my collection is because it’s spread across two states (California and New Jersey), but it’s large enough to be embarrassing. That is to say, when people come over and realize how much of my bedroom is devoted to vinyl and how much is devoted to furniture and my bed, I think they feel really sad for me. I’ve gotten through cataloging over 700 records (Artist, Title, Label, Condition, Notes, Location and Purchase Date), but there are so many left to add I don’t know when I’ll be finished with this project. That said, here’s a quick top ten of the albums I’ve purchased within the last two weeks, in case you’re wondering what I’m listening to right now:

• Christina Carter – Lace Hearts (Root Strata) – Limited edition of 500 on red/maroon splattered vinyl, this is a reissue of a CD-r from 2005 that I’ve been digging on for years. I’m so happy Jefre Cantu and the people at Root Strata gave this record a proper vinyl release. It’s truly stunning. Maybe I’ll post the MP3s for you tomorrow on my day off from work.

• Charley Patton – Electrically Recorded: High Water Everywhere and Electrically Recorded: Jesus Is A Daying-Bed Maker (Monk) – I ordered both of these from Aquarius Records last week and am about to sit down and listen to ’em for the first time. Two new volumes of Charley Patton’s vintage recordings from 1929. “High Water Everywhere” is widely considered to be one of the best blues songs ever. I cannot stand in opposition to that statement. It’s up there with “Devil’s Got My Woman” on my personal list of best blues songs.

• Residents – Eskimo (Ralph Records) – Original pressing on white vinyl. Some people can’t stand the Residents. I can’t stand living in a world without them.

• OM – Live At Jerusalem (Southern Lord) – Numbered, limited to 3100 copies. A live OM record recorded in the holy land? More, please.

• Minutemen – The Punch Line (SST) – I don’t remember if I own this one back in Jersey but I picked up a mint copy of the original SST issue (no bar code) of the band’s first LP.

• Beck – Mellow Gold (Bong Load) – Original pressing with insert. Why not?

• The Birthday Party – Drunk On The Pope’s Blood (4AD) – 16 minutes of live Birthday Party is worth never listening to the Lydia Lunch-recorded B-side. Maybe I can etch something onto that side as a reminder never to play it.

• James White – Off White (Buddah) – I still credit myself with turning every single one of my friends onto Buy, but I never heard this one until Ian told me to check it out. I remember shopping at the old store Rocks In Your Head in SoHo and talking to the guy who used to work there about James White, and when he told me to purchase Off White I said no because I didn’t have a job and really wanted an Unwound CD. Now I’ve got it. Yay.

• John Prine – Bruised Orange (Asylum) – Fuck you if you don’t like John Prine. Seriously, fuck you.

That’s kind of an interesting list, right? Not as interesting as the top ten Google searches referring visitors to this website, but still an okay list. By the way, some of today’s top referral searches include:

• Gail Simmons baby
• Jolie overrated
• shit in pussy
• how to get laid at your birthday party
• Her oiled massaging hands relaxed my cock

Yeah, no joke on that last one. Someone actually looked that up on Google, and for some reason it led to my website. Also, there’s a message board called “Fangs & Arrows” that has been sending a lot of people here today. I don’t know what it is, but it probably has something to do with my making fun of True Blood or Twilight. That sounds about right.

There’s a meteor shower tonight. I’m going to drive up to the highest mountain I know of and see if I can’t watch the thingies shooting across the sky. Maybe I’ll take a photograph or two if the light pollution from the city doesn’t ruin the experience for me.

Tomorrow I’ll post a real blog entry about something.

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