The Distinguished Gourmand: Fabiolus Cafe

September 1, 2009

“I don’t know about food at all, really.”

Last week, Nicci presented me a list of the ten places she wanted to eat before she leaves for almost two months. By the way, if I haven’t already mentioned, she booked a really good acting gig recently, and she’s going to be spending 6 weeks in Alabama. I’m silently freaking out. If you live in the LA area and want to keep me busy while she’s gone, please get in touch? It’ll really help me cope with not having her around. She and I…we’re kind of close, you know?

Anyway, one of the places on her list of desired eateries was a cafe on Sunset in Hollywood call Fabiolus. The location is at 6270 Sunset Blvd., right next to Bowery, another place we recently tried. The interior is cozy and quaint. The walls are decorated in old photographs and Italian memorabilia, I guess you’d call it. The service was good and prompt. Nicci said the wine list was very good. We ordered a plate of burrata to start, extra creamy mozzarella cheese served over basil and roasted tomatoes with extra virgin olive oil. Nicci scored it A+. The addition of kalamata olives were a great touch, adding a distinct flavor to the otherwise mellow (but extremely satisfying) creaminess flavor of the cheese.

We also were served warm bread with a tapenade which traditionally includes olives, capers, anchovies and olive oil. It was the first time Nicci’s ever had it, and the first time I’ve ever knowingly had it, but it was really good. Nicci could not get enough of it. She also said it helped her overcome her fear of capers, which is a really big deal for her because she called them one of her biggest fears. She used to say they tasted like “little gasoline balls,” but now that she’s tried them she has opened her mind and enjoyed them. I could give a shit, I don’t know what they taste like, even after I had them last night.

Nicci ordered gnocchi alla valdostana, which included chicken, sun-dried tomatoes, peas, white wine and parmigiano. She described it as, “Um…it had very distinct flavors. I wouldn’t say terribly bold, but nice flavors that went well together. Another nice and mellow dish whose ingredients went well together. It was also very filling.” I myself have been enjoying sun-dried tomatoes a bit more recently. There’s something about them…a kind of tangy flavor or sourness. I don’t know what flavors really are, or what they mean, but I know I like the flavor of sun-dried tomatoes. I had a goat cheese and sun-dried tomato omelet a few months ago that was “off the hook,” as inner-city people often say.

I went a bit more traditional and ordered the casale panini, with ham, fontina cheese, tomato, onions and lettuce. It was quite good. Nicci said it tasted like a mini pizza sandwich. The fontina cheese was a great addition to the panini — you never really see that cheese utilized to its potential. It’s a great cheese. I use it in a baked macaroni dish that I make sometimes. It wasn’t as hearty as the paninis at Aroma Cafe, but it was still good. It was served with a lightly-dressed side salad, which I could do without but made me feel healthier for having eaten it. And that’s all I really know what to say about dinner.

Overall, Fabiolus Cafe is a really nice little spot, fairly priced, which offers a number of high quality dishes. It was nearly empty when we ate there, so there’s a kind of quiet, romantic vibe to it, but that was on a Monday night. Kind staff, good service, great food and warm vibe are about as much as you could ask for a reasonably priced meal in Hollywood. I, of course, don’t really like food. But my panini tasted really good!

By the way, none of you seem concerned about how Glenn Beck Raped And Murdered A Young Girl In 1990.

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    Aww… it’s awesome that Nicci has this kind of opportunity, but sad that she’ll be gone for so long :-(. I hope lots of people want to hang out with you to fill the Nicci void!

  2. MikeM

    Please post your address, so i can send you some hand lube. Its gonna be a long 2 months…

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