Vodka Soap – Un Chand Pyramidelier

I guess if this website can copy/distribute my live photography of Vodka Soap, I can copy its description of Un Chand Pyramidelier:

For the past week or so I’ve been falling to sleep to the sounds of James Ferraro and Spencer Clarke, most well known from a band called The Skaters. Vodka Soap is a side project of Spencer Clarke

Out of all the releases I chose probably some of the hardest recordings to listen to originally and was quite deterred but with some persistence I kept listening and have been rewarded innumerably.

I’ll say it now. This is really hard music to listen to but it’s incredible, maybe that’s an oxymoron for some.

The Skaters are their main alias but there are many different side projects that all have the same sound. Each album consists of relentless drone/bell/wood nymph twittering that is so encompassing that everything around is muted and dimmed. For me it creates a sense of unease and comfort simultaneously which is just so weird and bloody frustrating.

Vodka Soap
Un Chand Pyramidelier
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