Rick Grossman – Hot Romance

January 26, 2010

In the same vein as Todd’s With Love…From Me To You comes Rick Grossman and his Hot Romance LP. In fact, one might wonder — upon comparing the artwork for both albums — if these two gentleman are indeed one in the same. This 1978 private press album has a kind of cosmic sunshine pop feel to it. His vocal style and forced rhymes makes him sound a bit like he has a speech impediment. And, of course, the photograph on the album cover looks like one of my father taken a few years before I was born.

I don’t know why this is such a hit with fans of outsider music, it definitely doesn’t strike a (dissonant) chord like Jandek or Peter Grudzien. It’s just a series of generally mellow folk-rock tunes with lyrics sung by an untrained vocalist. Some of the lyrics are a bit…off (ie. “I used to be a Kellogg’s man, go from table tasting brand and brand”). Not sure how the “hot romance” fits in, but maybe Rick just fancies himself a Lothario of sorts. Whatever the case may be, it’s a cool album that isn’t nearly as awful as its reputation would lead you to believe. The artist might not be a musical genius, but he could do much, much worse.

Come on, that cover is fucking brilliant. I want to wallpaper my bedroom with it.

Rick Grossman
Hot Romance
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01. The Magic We All Hide
02. Mellow Heaven Clout
03. Sweet Young Thing
04. Running Wild
05. The Key
06. Some Night When You’re Dreamin’
07. Lazy Days
08. Cordobo
09. Lose Your Heart In The Melody
10. New York, Now You’re Alive


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    Quite nice album you posted Evan, realy enjoyable all the way from the start to the finish. Thank you.

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    […] Lantern – Magic Lantern (Ltd. Ed. 500) Rick Grossman – Hot Romance (mint! finally!) Nina Nastasia – The Blackened Air (my copy’s worn down, this was $4) A […]

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    I’m assuming NOT the Divinyls/Hoodoo Gurus Rick Grossman ?!

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      not. even. close.

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    No, the Rick Grossman referenced in this post is an American musician and businessman who is now deceased (1996). RIP

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      He was stabbed to death by his own son who couldn’t stand his piano playing.

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        It’s a legendary story that demands a wider audience.

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