Franco Battiato – Pollution

“Although it’s only a very small section inside our store, many of our most devout and curious shoppers have found gem after gem in our Italian Prog section. Franco Battiato is one of those gems for sure. One of those endlessly creative artists who completely defies categorization. Sweeping in scope and eccentric in all the right ways it’s no surprise that Battiato has finally begun to get the attention he so rightly deserves, as folks like Jim O’Rourke have gone out of their way to champion these forward thinking sounds from decades ago. Released in 1973, Pollution is a psychedelic synth masterpiece foreshadowing so much of what was to come in the landscape of electronic music. With out-of-this-world synths that make Rick Wakeman’s playing seem pedestrian, and an otherworldly dimension orchestrated to perfection. Like David Axelrod getting super psychedelic and arranging a record for Ash Ra Tempel. So extravagant yet totally coherent. These sounds are so alive, so full of color, wonder and beauty. It goes without saying that as more folks discover this record it will probably be sampled to death, and we wouldn’t be all that surprised if Four Tet, DJ Shadow, or Plaid hadn’t already borrowed a bit here and there. Like Jean Claude Vannier’s L’Enfant Assassin Des Mouches, this is an early ’70s psych-prog masterpiece that is an across the board AQ favorite!” – Aquarius Records

Franco Battiato
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01. Il Silenzio Del Rumore
02. 31 Dicembre 1999 – Ore 9
03. Areknames
04. Beta
05. Plancton
06. Pollution
07. Ti Sei Mai Chiesto Quale Funzione Hai


  1. Kasi

    My ringtone is a sample from this album. So good!

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