Godspeed You! Black Emperor – April 3rd, 2003 Warsaw; Brooklyn, NY

April 15, 2010

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This recording was culled from the second performance I attended on the band’s last tour. That was seven years ago this month. Last week GYBE announced that they would be reforming to curate this year’s All Tomorrow’s Parties festival in England. After that, “a handful of British and European shows, and then 9 American towns.” You can bet your ass I’ll be at whatever US shows I can possibly attend come this winter. I saw three shows on that final tour of 2003, and each one was more miraculous than the last. I hope when the time comes to see them again, I can behold that awe that is “Moya” since Moya will actually be playing with the band this time around.

I remember waiting in line to get into the show was the first time I met Anthony V. from The Hype Machine. I gave him my spare ticket and we watched Jackie-O Motherfucker and part of Godspeed’s set together at the very front of the stage. I eventually moved further back in the club to improve upon the sound, but Anthony and I have remained somewhat in contact ever since that night, and I’m happy I got to meet him and help him into the show. I’m sure if I end up flying home to see the band in New York, he’ll be there too. And we can have this same conversation, which we always have when we see each other. It’ll be fun.

Godspeed You Black Emperor
April 3rd, 2003 – Warsaw; Brooklyn, NY
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Gathering Storm
Dead Metheny
World Police
Tazer Floyd
Efrim’s Speech


  1. anelectricmind

    thanks for the info. This just made my day.

    I remember a decade ago, when GYBE would go on tour, they would do “rehearsal shows” in their home town (MontrĂ©al). They would book a small venue 3 or 4 nights in a row just before their official tour. I once bought tickets for all 3 shows and went to all the shows and they would have a different setlist for each show.

    The night after the third show, you feel so empty not to have a show to go to. Live GYBE is thick, dense, exhausting as their rehearsal shows would last easily between two and half and three hours…

  2. Stephen

    Holy wow, that’s some powerful stuff!
    Thanks, Swanguy.

  3. jijithebatcat

    Thanks for posting this! It’s a pretty good recording too, you should check out the L’Olympic and Paradiso shows on audio archive which are also good quality recordings.

    I just bought tickets to see Godspeed here in the UK at Minehead at the All Tomorrow’s Parties festival. It’s the most excited I’ve been about a gig in years – I caught them twice, once in 2001 and once in 2003. The 2003 was in a pretty big venue (I think it was called the Ocean in Hackney) and the sound wasn’t all that great, but the 2001 show at the Scala in London was and remains the greatest gig I’ve ever been too. It was so powerful you felt as though the music was literally filling you up from top to bottom. Not ashamed to admit it’s the only time I’ve been to a gig where I was on the verge of tears at points…

  4. Mark

    awesome, thanks for posting this!

    i got to see Godspeed once, in 2000. it was beautiful.

  5. |

    Hey..I was the guy yelling “Play Moya,” repeatedly, during Efrim’s speech. I’m so proud that my obnoxious behavior was captured for posterity and for future generations of GYBE fans to enjoy. Anyone have a copy of the show from the following evening? I know for a fact that there were was even more heckling that night! Thanks, and godspeed…oops! Hahaha

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