Justen O’Brien & Jake – Time Will Tell

Here’s a phenomenal, classic private press LP that has been on my “want” list for some time now. I bought a really nice hand-numbered unofficial European re-issue last year at the WFMU Record Fair from the godfather of private press records, Paul Major. If you are searching for a real-deal re-issue, The brilliant minds at Guerssen have since re-issued the quintessential UFO-inspired masterpiece, giving it the proper restoration and packaging that it deserves: originally intended cover art, gatefold cover, in-depth liner notes by Douglas Mcgowan and never-before-seen photos capturing some of the mystique of the album.

It’s a little too polished for me to call this a “real people” record, as the musicianship is of pretty high quality. The production and arrangements, again, are much better than a lot of the amateurish efforts you come across when digging through self-published or privately pressed albums. Comparisons have been made between this record and those of D.R. Hooker and Bobb Trimble, but I think its psychedelic characteristics differentiates it a bit from those classics. The deft, spacey keyboards also set it apart from some of the more bluesy psych private records often lumped together with Time Will Tell.

O’Brien originally hailed from North Dakota, but it is believed he has long since moved from that state, and is currently working somewhere else, doing God knows what. If you have any leads, by all means let me know.

Justen O’Brien & Jake
Time Will Tell
No Label, 1978

01. Time Will Tell
02. Easy Times
03. Are You Ready To Leave
04. The Feeling Was Lost With The Truth
05. The Way
06. Just Love
07. These Moments Now
08. Alone


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    thank you for your interest in my album….I reside in alaska now. livin on the air waves thank you again…….job

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