Tim Green – Music Of The Skies

There are exactly 18 results for a Google search of the combined terms “Tim Green” and “Music Of the Skies.” I’d say that makes this a relatively unknown album by Internet standards. Perfect for tonight’s installment of Treasures Of The Collector’s Slum!

Music of The Skies was released in 1981 by the unknown songwriter Tim Green on a private label called Good Boy. It’s heartfelt folk music led by Green and his acoustic guitar. I don’t know if you can hang the “freak folk” flag on it, but the album’s second cut, “The Little Bag Lady,” most definitely has a Vetiver/Devendra Banhart feel to it. I don’t normally dig guys with high, pretty voices, but Green’s plaintive delivery recalls Colin Blunstone circa “A Rose For Emily” or whatever remorseful Zombies tune you prefer.

I have no idea who accompanies Green on this record, but at different points you can hear full string sections, lead guitars, and piano. The only downfall on this album is the absolutely atrocious last track, “Got More Love.” It’s horrifying ’80s production is embarrassing. If I were Green, I’d try my damnedest to forget this song was ever written. It sounds like a 40th rate Paul Simon song, and I hate Paul Simon. Except for that one album — the one where he totally ripped of Jackson C. Frank. That album is okay.

As usual, if anyone knows more information about this record, please feel free to leave a comment below or e-mail me whatever information you might have. Enjoy!

Tim Green
Music Of The Skies
Good Boy, 1981
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01. Music Of The Skies
02. The Little Bag Lady
03. Cargill
04. Little Children
05. Secrets Of The Heart
06. Just Wanna See You
07. Let Go
08. The Path Of Love
09. Harlequin
10. Crystal Line
11. Surface Tension
12. Got More Love


  1. proggy

    Mate, brilliant…. thanks a bundle for allowing us to hear this joy…

  2. MF

    Evan’s your critique of this music is indicative of your senses inability to fully conceive this work of art. In addition, your facile list of adjectives ” high, pretty voice” is a three word pathetic attempt to describe that which is beyond your comprehension. I suggest you listen to the ” high pretty voice” again and re – evaluate your review. You are not worthy of providing a critique on such a perfect piece of work!

  3. |

    Not everything is low and ugly, maddafakka.

  4. |

    Would love a re-up of this album. Great opening track

  5. |

    It would be great if you could re-up this album, I’ll be very grateful.


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