Larry “Sunshine” Rice – Here’s Sunshine

This is another lost private-press gem, from a Texas singer/songwriter who is remembered for “looping, melodically through often surrealist lyrics with a strong Tim Buckley influence.” Another description drops the always-intriguing “downer” folk tag on this record, calling it “stark, edgy real-people loner vibe, reverb, acoustic instrumentation, occasional hand percussion, piano, harmonica, as that off-the-chain Texas feel that approaches solo Roky Erickson territory.” The record label, Backbeat, was a spin-off of Don Robey’s Duke/Peacock blues/R&B/gospel label(s) that was home to Bobby Bland and Little Junior Parker. The private-press debate continues!

Larry “Sunshine” Rice
Here’s Sunshine
(Backbeat, 1969)
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01. Listen Sister
02. In Again, Out Again
03. That’s Beautiful
04. A Sad Thought This Is
05. I Hear There’s A Man
06. I Don’t Know Nothing At All
07. Easter Bunny Time
08. Mony’s All ‘Tis
09. Love You Mother Earth
10. Margie In Midnight


  1. Holly

    “Easter Bunny Time”? Have to assess.

    I dearly hope it ranks with Bill Hicks’ “Easter” …

  2. Name

    Nothing on the LOST epilogue yet?

    Come on!

  3. |

    You can put the private press debate to rest on this one.

    I am larry Sunshine Rice and I guarantee you that this LP was recorded for
    Peacock (Backbeat) Records in 1968 and released in 1969.

    I was a fugitive at the time and have written a book chronicling the magical story behind the recording which is available (along with other novels. paintings and
    Cds) at

    You might also find it interesting that I am now deaf and can no longer hear or record music.

    Peace & Light,

    Larry ” Sunshine ” Rice

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