Sunday Mix Tape Number 200

November 7, 2010

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OMG, you guys, for the first time in my 27 years…I puked as a result of drinking. It happened early this morning, or so I hear, I was blacked out at the time. The last thing I remember was playing an intense best-of-13 series of flip cup with two teams of seven drinkers. After that, your guess is as good as mine. I discovered today that I was “incoherent” (according to Ken), that I stole the handle off a child’s tricycle, and gifted it to a sleeping Nicci right before I threw up and passed out on her bathroom floor. Best boyfriend ever. Between you and me, I blame the Ralph’s “manager special” BBQ mini franks I ate throughout the night. It couldn’t have been the massive amount of liquor I consumed. Nope. I don’t have a drinking problem.

Stephen in Japan, I hold you partially responsible. I drank half the bottle of Woodford Reserve you sent me. Perhaps if pictures of the evening surface, it will make for a delightful “Getting Drunk On Your Donations” entry. There were some silly wigs involved, too.

Alas, the point of this entry is not to laud myself for drinking until I threw up, it’s time for a Sunday Mix Tape!

Sunday Mix Tape – Number 200
I’ve Been Doing This Far, Far Too Long

01. Shipping News – Antebellum – One of my favorite bands has a new album coming out — their first in six years — and this is the lead track. I’m excited. (buy from

02. Franco Battiato – A Cell – A few days ago I posted on Facebook a video of Battiato performing live on Italian television in 1971. Someone I know commented that he had just been listening to the American translation of Fetus, to which I responded, “There’s an American translation of Fetus!?” Lo-and-behold, the dude showed up at the store today with a copy of the CD for me. The music is identical, but Battiato sings in English on it. So cool! (buy from

03. Lee Hazlewood & Nancy Sinatra – Some Velvet Morning – I can’t believe how expensive the Fairy Tales & Fantasies CD has become in recent years. The record, Nancy & Lee, can be found for about ten times less than the compact disc. (buy from

04. The Saints – (I’m) Stranded – I can’t decide which record I like more, (I’m) Stranded or Eternally Yours. I smell a future blog poll! If you haven’t heard of this Australian punk/rock band…you must not know a lot about music. Listen and learn, kiddo. (buy from

05. Sleaze Art – Orgone – I was at a friend’s house last week and he started spinning this record. Within five minutes I was making offers to buy it. Unfortunately, he refused. The track can be found on a French compilation called Dithyrambe, which features four tracks of dismal opera and chamber rock. I think it was released in the early ’80s, and that’s about all I know of it. I guess I should do more Internet research…

06. Speed, Glue & Shinki – Mr. Walking Drugstore Man – I’ve written about these amazing Japanese rockers before. Julian Cope calls Eve (the album from whence this track came) a “wrecked and loose masterpiece.” (buy from

07. Leo Kottke – Hear The Wind Howl – As far as the Kottke discography is concerned, I think this record is a little underrated. I usually prefer his solo guitar work, but sometimes his singing is really good too. I didn’t know whether to post this track or “Louise,” but I guess this one won. (buy from

08. Ralph Lundsten – Cosmic Love – The third track on the stunning Olskog record (translation: Beer Forest). This is my own rip from my vinyl. I think I posted this full album last year for download. Search the archives. Brilliant Swedish electronic composer. (EMI, 1970)

09. Pasture – Delmonico – This is one of the best pure drone records I’ve heard all year. I found it on the fantastic Deleted Scenes Forgotten Dreams blog, which you should all have bookmarked.

10. Leadbelly – Four Day Worry Blues – It’s fucking Leadbelly, man. Need I say more?

11. Philippe Doray – Secoue Le Flipeur – The same guy who had the cool French avant-experimental record also played this one for me. This is one mind-bending record. The guy must have been crazy. Shit’s firing at you from all over the place. He’s like a one man Throbbing Gristle.

12. Agalloch – Ghosts Of The Midwinter Fires – Ian loves these guys, so he told me to check out their new album. Musically? Fantastic. Vocals? Not so much. (buy from

13. Umberto – The Child – “Doubtless many movie (and music) buffs would agree that Italian ’70s and ’80s “giallo” (horror/thriller) cinema, from directors like Dario Argento and Lucio Fulci, had soundtracks usually as evocative and inspirational as any visual aspect of the films, soundtracks which often stand as effective works of art all on their own. The scores by pro band Goblin being perhaps best known, influencing such modern day bands as Zombi and Crime In Choir. Now here’s another, utterly blatant and most excellent example of Italian giallo soundtrack worship.” – Aquarius Records. (Sonic Mediations, 2010)

14. Motion Sickness Of Time Travel – It Is Unfortunate But True – I first heard about this amazing drone shit through the Digitalis website (I think they might have released a limited-edition cassette at some point?). More recently they’ve been getting some love from different ambient and experimental blogs.

15. Cult Of Zir – Below – Stephen in Japan is the reader who keeps on giving. First he gifts me the bottle of whiskey that led me to puke last night, then he gifts me this weird crazy music! There’s a reason why he’s Reader Zero, the original Swan Fungus Super-Fan, and every other superlative I’ve ever hurled in his direction. Kudos on the good find, Stephen! Keep up the good work!


  1. |

    hahaha. i was just browsing on hype when i came across your post. hilarious. i’m 30, and had a similar incident for the first time this past summer. cheers to late bloomers ;)

  2. Arthur Major

    Possibly your best ever mixtape.

  3. Lawdrone

    Twin Fetuses? I say this calls for a blog entry of it’s own- a listening party/ comparison test. The world (or at least the seven of us who read your blog) want(s) to know which is better!
    Also, did you hear about the Important Records Archive Sale? 72 of their releases for $100, 36 for $50. It’s not on the whole catalog, they didn’t include most of the newer stuff. I managed to come up with about 40 titles I wanted. Pretty great deal, and I think it’s still going on.

  4. B

    I sold a copy of that Dithyrambe record on EBay a while back. Had I known…. Great mixtape, by the way.

  5. Stephen

    Made you puke! Made you puke! Haw haw haw!!

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