Godspeed You Black Emperor – Starlight Ballroom; Philadelphia, PA (2003-03-03)

December 7, 2010

With all this Godspeed You Black Emperor news sweeping the Internet, I am reminded of one of the best shows of theirs I ever witnessed. Myself, Sam, Lindsey and Vince from The Complex went to a show at the Starlight Ballroom in Philly in March of 2003. The stage in that venue was less than a foot off the ground, so the crowd sat and soaked in the music. That night marked the first time I heard “Albanian,” a song that I instantly fell in love with. When the band announced its hiatus, I assumed the song would remain unreleased, perhaps forever. I was happy to hear this morning that Godspeed performed it during their first tour date as a reformed band. The version of the updated “Albanian” is markedly different from the one I heard seven years ago. I think I prefer the 2003 arrangement, but I’ll wait to hear it live before I make up my mind for certain. If you’re not in Europe right now awaiting Godspeed tour dates, get your fix right here, right now.

Godspeed You Black Emperor
Starlight Ballroom; Philadelphia, PA
March 3rd, 2003
MegaUpload DL Link

Gathering Storm
World Police


  1. Phil Collins

    Great track

    BTW my record for masturbating in one day is 7

    After 7 it was too sore

    Actually after 4 it was sore

  2. sbowlin

    Sweet, I can’t wait to hear this (again!) Thanks duder.

  3. Stephen

    Oh, that’s sweet stuff. Is it your own recording?

  4. |

    No, but I made sure that during one of the shows I saw that year (it might have been the Philly show) I befriended a girl who was friends with the band and recorded the entire tour for them. This was her recording, I think. In New York I met a taper who had these weird mics he set up on opposite ends of the stage, he provided me with recordings of the NYC shows. Maybe I’ll post one of those as the day I get to see them again draws nearer.

  5. |

    The Mega upload site is blocked now, any other link for the 3/3/10 show?

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