Sunday Mix Tape Number 213

February 20, 2011

Totally went off last night at Nate’s birthday party. There was a gnarly stripper in a LOST replica DHARMA Initiative jumpsuit, way too much Flip Cup, a 4:00am Dance Dance Revolution competition, and the cops only showed up twice investigating noise complaints! I’d say we successfully dragged the birthday boy into the first hours of his 27th year with style.

So, I’m gonna get some rest. How’s about a mix tape for you.

RULES for uninitiated noobs: I give birth to a weekly Mix Tape to be deposited on your iPods or Zunes or Kingklangs or whatever the industry is currently pushing on you. Sometimes there will be themes that link all the songs together, other times I’ll just throw songs at a wall (not literally) and see what sticks.No theme this week. The goal of this endeavor, as always, is to pique your interest in these artists so you’ll support the artists and buy their albums.

Sunday Mix Tape – Number 213
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01. Melodic Energy Commission – Melody Is Energy
02. XTC – Grass
03. Glaxo Babies – Christine Keeler
04. My Bloody Valentine – I Can See It (But I Can’t Feel It)
05. Virgin Prunes – In The Greylight
06. Godflesh – Love Is A Drug From Hell
07. Harry Nilsson – Cowboy
08. Melodic Energy Commission – Night Rhythm
09. Jackson C. Frank – Lovin’ You Is The Music That I Hear
10. Blind Willie Johnson – John The Revelator
11. Roky Erickson & The Aliens – I Think Of Demons
12. Johnny Cash – So Doggone Lonesome
13. Mississippi John Hurt – Spike Driver Blues
14. Tsar – I Don’t Wanna Break-Up
15. Billie Holiday – Gloomy Sunday

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