Ween – Patrick Gym @ University Of Vermont; Burlington, VT (2001-10-31)

  • Ween – Patrick Gym @ University Of Vermont; Burlington, VT (2001-10-31)

Trust me, the irony isn’t lost on me that a lot of you people tell me to shut up and just post music, and then when I spend an entire week posting music nobody leaves any comments. Do you have any idea how boring that makes my job? For fuck’s sake, if you’re going to leach of me at least have the courtesy of letting me know if you like what I’m sharing or not.

I’ve never been a Ween fan, but what college freshman could resist a chance to catch the band on campus for a Halloween show? The only song in their oeuvre that I was familiar with was “What Deaner Was Talking About”, which was covered by Ash on their Live At The Wireless mini-LP.

Honestly, I don’t remember much about this show. The kid who lived across the hall from me freshman year kept me perpetually high until he dropped out of school. Early in our first semester he was trying to jump down entire flights of stairs and he blew his knee out, but since he didn’t believe in painkillers he gave me a gigantic bottle of Vicodin (which he even refilled for me when I’d gone through them all). Most incoming freshman at college take advantage of being away from home by drinking and eating in excess. You’ve all heard those stereotypes and cliches like the “Freshman 15.” I had a “Freshman -35” because I was so out of my mind on pills that year I couldn’t eat more than one packet of pop tarts or a brownie in a day. My meal plan (if I recall correctly, I might be a bit off on the numbers) allowed me a declining balance of 1,028 points per year to be used either on campus or through a number of fast food chains and delivery like Dominos, Pizza Hut, Kountry Kart Deli and other places. When my mom arrived in Burlington on the last day of my freshman year she asked how many points (which were really dollars — one point equalled one dollar) were left on my meal plan. I said, “I don’t know, two or three hundred?” She said, “That’s two-hundred dollars! We can’t waste that money! Let’s go buy some food on campus to donate to a homeless shelter.” I tried to persuade her not to do it, but oh man…you should have seen the look on her face when she found out there was over $800 left on that meal plan card. Like I said, I never felt like eating that year.

My freshman year was pretty fucked up. I was in a useless long-distance relationship I had no business being in, I was eating Vicodin instead of food, I refused to make any friends, I was living on a floor above a girl I knew from Jersey who had accused me of stalking her in middle school (don’t ask…) and it was quite possible my best friend and closest confidant on campus was my first semester professor of Russian history and literature. It was pathetic. But I played shows at local clubs and coffeehouses, expanded my musical horizons and saw some cool concerts. Like Ween on Halloween. I didn’t even tell any of my “friends” I was going because I wasn’t sure I was going until the last minute. So I stood alone and soaked it in, and it was fucking awesome. Tenacious D was funny in a campy way, but Ween managed to strike that perfect balance between music and comedy that made for a totally memorable experience.

Patrick Gymnasium; Burlington, VT
October 31st, 2001
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01. Captain Fantasy
02. Don’t Get 2 Close (2 My Fantasy)
03. Take Me Away
04. Mr. Richard Smoker
05. Waving My Dick In The Wind
06. Buckingham Green
07. Ice Castles
08. Bananas & Blow
09. Albino Sunburned Girl
10. Mr., Would You Please Help My Pony
11. Touch My Tooter
12. Dr. Rock
13. I Can’t Put My Finger On It
14. Voodoo Lady
15. Piss Up A Rope
16. Band On The Run
17. Don’t Laugh (I Love You)
18. Roses Are Free
19. What Deaner Was Talking About
20. I’m In The Mood
21. Jonny On The Spot
22. Fat Lenny
23. Frank
24. Spinal Meningitis
25. Booze Me Up, And Get Me High
26. The Blarney Stone
27. You Fucked Up
28. Sketches Of WInkle


  1. MikeM

    tomorrow can you post about the girl you were stalking? sounds interesting. thanks

  2. Tyler Kent

    Ween, who always make me think of Weezer (must be a “W” thing though I don’t think of Whitesnake, the Who, Wardrobe or White Hills…) is another band I’ve heard of… but n’er heard. We I in position to see Ween (or Weezer) I would likely declined, tried to find some opiates and found movies to watch… either some classic Italian giallos OR something from the Criterion Collection… but bully for you for actually DOING something proactive and not taking the lazy way out. BTW, when I say I woulda scored drugs and watched movies I of course mean we… me and my future wife… or ex-wife depending on the year.

  3. |

    I was never a huge Ween fan either, but I saw them back around 2003 because it was the only show passing through Amsterdam while I was there. It was a great show but what stands out the most, and what was entirely fucked up, was that the Dutch crowd booed and threw beer on the members of ween throughout the entire show. They’d play a song, expect applause, and instead be met with an awful response unlike any I have ever seen at a live show. I never did figure out what was wrong with all those dutchies.

  4. al

    For whatever reason, I’ve decided to reply to your call for comments in this post. Probably has something to do with the fact that I’m morning-drunk and at work.

    I read your blog and you’ve hipped me to some great music (think White Hills and Mugstar), some interesting/funny anecdotes and some cool articles. For that, I thank you.

    As for the recent live shows you’ve posted…I find Radiohead and Godspeed a little too precious. I’ve tried, but neither has ever clicked for me. I’m a recent convert of Ween, though, mostly because a good friend of mine is from their hometown and worships all things Ween. He’s laid some tasty shit on me and I have to say…I bow down to Ween. I’m gonna check out this show you’ve posted.

    I went and caught Swans at the El Rey two nights ago. Oh man. Amazing. They just choke the life outta every goddamn song they choose to play. Devendra Banhart opened up and I’m pretty sure he was coked outta his gourd. The constant runny nose in the mic was not a product of being sick cuz his voice sounded pretty on par. The second half of his set fell apart pretty quickly as he had some technical issues and there were pockets of people who just didn’t give a fuck and were conversing about the essential stamp that Irish folk music had on punk rock. Best quote…”So you’re telling me that Cheiftains played a big role in Henry Rollins’ life?!” I shook Michael Gira’s hand and felt a shock. I’m sure it was due to El Rey’s carpet, but goddamn if I’m not still trying to make it a little bit more than what it was. Gira’s the fucking tops.

    Anyways, thanks for thinking your shit’s interesting enough to keep a blog going, cuz I think it actually is. Fuck any haters.

    I just read George Carlin either wanted to to have, or had, his wife and himself share a tattoo that read, “Good for us – Fuck ’em all.” I thought that was pretty cool.


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