Arthur – The End Is The Beginning

July 7, 2011

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Until recently I knew this record only as the 1-sided Arthur record on Two:Dot. I knew the artist was Arthur Gee, but other than the fact that it was a Two:Dot record and it was credited only to Arthur, I knew little about it. I don’t know why I recently decided to look it up in the the new edition of the Acid Archives book but I was shocked when I couldn’t find the untitled album anywhere in the book. I thought maybe they’d forgotten to include it, but then I realized it was still there — it just had a title now: The End Is The Beginning.

“Dark, damaged acoustic strum folk in Perry Leopold style but a bit stronger vocally. Missed notes, stream of consciousness lyricism, and obsessions with mystic and biblical imagery. Saddened reports on the lost state of the planet. A great loner mini-LP, although you really can feel too muchÖUnlike his later LPs, this (as well as the reissue) was credited only to “Arthur”. The label has no title but the sleeve shows the album title “The End Is The Beginning”. Some copies came with promo photos.”

Which, of course, explains a lot. I just figured they all came in die-cut generic white sleeves like mine. Oops! Incomplete version! Someone with a spare sleeve if you’re out there let me know! Or if you have a nice clean copy. Mine’s beat up.

“The last track is a killer deep guilt-trip on level with Perry Leopold, re-done in a less effective way on the Tumbleweed LP (“Arthur Gee”, 1971 Tumbleweed TWS 101). Arthur Gee was originally from Canada but spent some time in Colorado and California where this demo was recorded. After this he returned to Colorado where he put together the Arthur Gee Band. The Canadian link is obvious from the Canada BMI registration on the label. This 1-sided demo contains a track with the exact same (unusual) title as a number of the Fraser & Debolt LP from Canada, but oddly it is a completely different tune.”

The End Is The Beginning
Two:Dot, 1969
MediaFire DL Link

01. Plain Talk
02. Warm Traitor’s Breath
03. Armstrong Tourist Resthome
04. Miller Tragedy
05. Untitled
06. Confessions


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