Harry Taylor – A Message From Studio Girl, Hollywood

August 16, 2011
  • Harry Taylor – A Message From Studio Girl, Hollywood

This lovely little 7″ 33 1/3 LP was lovingly donated by my place of business to a DJ by the name of Zach Sciacca (you might know him as Z-Trip) last week. We figured it was a perfect unique, vocals-only record that is ripe for sampling. So, yeah…if you ever hear Z-Trip sample this record, you’ll know exactly where it originally came from. Not me. One of my co-workers. Okay, my manager. Whatever.

“A Message From Studio Girl – Hollywood” is a sixteen minute-long invitation to join a Hollywood-based cosmetics company as a saleswoman. It’s pretty hilarious. Did you know that Studio Girls can earn up to five dollars an hour, or $150 per week as a full-time employee? Not bad for someone who, potentially, has never taken an order from anybody for any product before in their life! Or so says Harry Taylor, the mastermind behind this hiring push. Trust me, listen to this and enjoy. And for those of you who like to cut-up spoken word recordings, I’m sure you could have a field day with this one. Here’s looking at you, Hornet Montana! GET TO WORK!

This is a two-sided 7″ record, but for the purposes of making it easier to hear both sides have been combined into one file. A vintage recording, the fidelity isn’t flawless. But then again, you vinyl scum probably like the pops and hiss more because it’s totally authentic, right?

Harry Taylor
A Message From Studio Girl – Hollywood
(Label/Year Unknown)

01. A Message From Studio Girl – Hollywood


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