Larry Conklin & Jochen Blum – Jackdaw

October 12, 2011
  • Larry Conklin & Jochen Blum – Jackdaw

“As a fan of acoustic guitar & violin interaction, I find this obscure latter day singer-songwriter album appealing. It’s a pro-sounding affair with well-written songs, good male vocals and a uniform, reflective mood. The production value steers the album clear from the usual private press “loser folk” traps, and it has potential in appeal to a pretty wide audience. There are some hints of unwanted singer-songwriter sentimentality (as on the opening track), but otherwise the duo creates attractive tapestries of soaring violin and fluent guitar-picking, reminiscent of the best tracks on the Noonan, Levi & Houshmand album. About half of Jackdaw is instrumental, which is not a drawback. Mature and sophisticated, without being dull.” – Patrick Lundborg (Acid Archives)

Lovingly donated by “Viagra Falls”. Wherever he is…

Larry Conklin & Jochen Blum
(No Label 11233, 1980)
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01. Paris
02. The Shepherd’s Hour
03. Madeleine
04. Alathea
05. Water And Time
06. Your Gentle Words
07. Jackdaw
08. Traveler
09. The Diamond Cutter
10. River Of Stories


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    Hi Evan – Long time no hear. You received a “lovingly donated” download of my album, Hendrickson Road House, from Don Mendro (in 2009), who was trying to steal my music and have it released. Don Mendro convinced you that I was dead. He spent a few years convincing others all around the music business and on other continents, as he tried to steal my music. Please, let me excuse you on this level. My producer at Wooden Hill, David Wells, viewed your participation as one of the things that contributed to the destruction of the reissue industry. I tried to defend you, saying that you at least let me have a voice on your blog. So, I mentioned you in my personal credits, while David left you out of the general credits. His choice, as he is the producer. So, it appears that Don Mendro’s lovingly donated rip-off of my music is not done. He is still trying to steal my music. Isn’t Don Mendro lovingly special?

    What say you, Evan? I thought we were friends? Sue Randall

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      I’m not sure I understand your comment. The person you mention never told me you were dead. I was never even in contact with him. He just left a comment or two on the post about the album. So, what are you excusing me for?

      Also, the person who donated the MP3s was someone I know from work.

      Your producer viewed my participation in what, exactly, as ruinous of the reissue industry? What did I participate in? I don’t recall participating in anything with anyone.

      I appreciate the credit I received on the album. I have considered you a friend since we began communicating with each other. I’ve supported your efforts to reissue the record. I helped you as much as I could when the acetates turned up on eBay. Most importantly, you’ve always had free access to me and were given carte blanche to to e-mail me to talk about any issues regarding your music. I guess I’m not sure why you chose right now to air your grievances publicly on my website, and I’m also not sure why/how you think I’ve wronged you.

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      Holly, you’re still alive? Haven’t heard from you in ages!

  2. Tyler Kent

    Fookin ‘ell! Drama central here in comments! Let me get some popcorn… do you have a primer on this story though… I’m a bit lost.

    All I really wanted to say is, Jackdaw… reminds me of a great tune by Audience called, er, Jackdaw. I love that track!

    NP – Bevis Frond / Inner Marshland

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