Early Lines – Pure Health

February 7, 2012
  • Early Lines – Pure Health

“On the back of our last release, Pure Health, we are actually all reading different newspapers and magazines covering the various Plano drug trends. Honestly, I still hear about heroin being a big problem here all the time. Unfortunately the city is world-famous for it, as I’ve discovered firsthand through traveling.” – Christopher Mosley, September 2009

Would scan the CD, but I don’t have it with me in California. Oh well!

Some background info: Early Lines (Seth Sherman, Dan Doyle, and Christopher Mosley) formed in 1999 in Plano, Texas. The trio split playing guitar and singing evenly. The band independently recorded and released three albums (engineered by Steve Albini and Bob Weston at Electrical Audio in Chicago) on their own Deep East Records. Quite impressive songwriting recalls punk/American Underground bands such as Shellac, Mission of Burma and Fugazi. The lyrics are notable for being mature and honest. Early Lines came of age during a heroin epidemic that caught the attention of the national press. Their personal experiences and reactions to the pernicious influence of the problem plaguing Plano account for a lot of their lyrics and punk energy.

For more information on Early Lines you should read my interview with Christopher, which is one I’m really proud of. A Facebook fan asked me to share more Early Lines, so I hope he — and all the rest of you — enjoy this EP.

Early Lines
Pure Health EP
(Deep East)
MediaFire DL Link

01. Wino Waltz
02. Farmer And The User
03. Stop What You Have Learned From Yourself
04. Growing Birds
05. Ghosts Of Collin Creek
06. Come Rest Your Head

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    dude thanks soooo much Early Lines should rule the world :-)
    what a great great band

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