The Body – 2008 Tour CD-r

I’ve spent a lot of mental energy this week writing about SXSW, Epic Bar tabs and Game Of Thrones. Please don’t expect me to pen a Friday Top Ten list that is informative, intelligent, and funny. My strength is gone. I’m going to share a really hard-to-find tour-only CDr instead from Providence, Rhode Island’s extreme doom metal band The Body.

You already know much I admired All The Waters Of The Earth Turn To Blood (#4 on the Swan Fungus Top 100 Albums Of 2010) and the band’s collaboration with Braveyoung, entitled Nothing Passes (#7 on the Swan Fungus Top 100 Albums of 2011). Before both of those releases, the duo of Chip King and Lee Buford issued a tour CDr that featured covers of songs by Crass, Danzig, Black Flag and — wait for it — Sinead O’Connor.

I wish the paper sleeve contained more information than just the title and track information. I’ve read elsewhere that these songs were recorded live, does that mean in concert or in the studio? Why these four songs!? Was there a larger selection they had to pare down to these cuts? How the hell does Sinead O’Connor fit in with Crass, Danzig and Black Flag? Was that an ironic song choice or does either Chip or Lee really dig that tune? So many questions…five. Five questions. Oh well. I guess we’ll have to settle for not knowing these answers. Try not to let it keep you awake at night.

The Body
2008 Tour CDr
(Not On Label, 2008)
MediaFire DL Link

01. Do They Owe Us A Living [Crass]
02. Tired Of Being Alive [Danzig]
03. Police Story [Black Flag]
04. Black Boys On Mopeds [Sinead O’Connor]

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