On Kurzweil’s Dream, Sleepwalking, Wegmans & More

April 7, 2012

• Have you seen the documentary Transcendent Man? Kurzweil’s dream is alive and well, at least in one science lab at Stanford. There, scientists are experimenting with medical devices that are small enough to travel in our bloodstreams. I think Mr. Kurzweil predicted we’d have this technology by 2029, at which point we could use the microscopic computers to help our body fight disease and infection. The technology that is currently being developed would be powered wirelessly by electromagnetic radio waves — which would prevent the need for a battery, an otherwise bulky component that would have to fuel a microprocessor. The size of the devices measures between two and for millimeters. I don’t know if that could travel effortlessly through the bloodstream, but it’s pretty small! Soon enough we’ll be uploading virus protection programs not to our computers, but our bodies. And then we can start shrinking ourselves so we can travel inside our own bodies, like that episode of Futurama that spoofed Fantastic Voyage. [story]

• I am not traveling abroad soon (unless that trip to Marrakech in May somehow comes through) but if I were to leave the states at any point in the future I would make sure I’m well versed in all the food etiquette customs for my international destination. Hell, I researched it before I went to India, and I returned alive, healthy, in one piece. That’s why this handy article via NBC will remain bookmarked. How else would I know that you’re not supposed to stick your chopsticks upright in your rice? I mean, I probably wouldn’t have done that anyway — because who eats rice like that? But still, it’s good to know why you’re not supposed to do that. Just like it’s important to know that cappuccino comes before noon in Italy, and wine is never sipped in Georgia. The only time I eat french fries with a fork is when I get them from Patra Burger, but it’s definitely good to know that the next time I’m in Chile I should eat everything on my plate with a knife and fork, because it is the most formal country in South America. See? These things are important. You could learn a thing or two, asshole. [story]

• Now here’s a top ten list I can get behind: 10 bizarre things people have done in their sleep. You know, this is the type of list I would write each week if I had more time to do proper research. Unfortunately for me blogging is not a full time job. Would you respect me more if I had taken the time to Google sleep-related factoids? What if I told you that there were roughly 68 cases of homicide-while-sleepwalking reported worldwide by the year 2000? That number seems low to me. Then again I don’t sleepwalk, nor have I ever known a regular sleepwalker, so maybe it’s accurate. The closest I’ve ever seen to someone sleepwalking is drunk Nate barging into my room and standing in the doorway until told to go away, or my mom after she’s taking Ambien holding an entire conversation with a bonsai tree. [story]

• Oh, here’s another cute top ten list. 10 amusing hoax ads posted on April Fool’s Day this year. [story]

• I’ve been saying it for years, and God dammit if none of you believed me: Wegmans is the best supermarket in the world.  You can argue all you want about your personal favorite, but I’ve been championing Wegmans for over a decade now, and it appears I’m finally getting through to you people. Have you heard of Consumer Reports? It’s only the first place people look for advice when it comes to buying things and going places. Do you want to know what the safest car on the road is? Check Consumer Reports. Need a new running shoe but don’t know what the best on the market is? Consumer Reports. What’s the best supermarket in America? Check Consumer Reports and you’ll see that it’s Wegmans. As voted on by readers. That’s even more impressive than being voted the best by Consumer Reports, because the people voting are the subscribers who use as a source the most well-respected source there is! So you see, it’s undeniable: Wegmans is the best. All others are number two or lower. Great, now I want to move back East. [story]


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