First Listen: Survival Knife

May 8, 2012

I received a missive the other day from Isreal (he blogs over at The Cargo Culte) alerting me to a soundboard recording of a recent Survival Knife performance.

Survival Knife, you ask?

Yes, idiot. Survival Knife. Justin Trosper (Unwound), Brandt Sandeno (Unwound), Meg Cunningham (Blues Druid) and Kris Cunningham (Western Hymn). That’s right, two of the three founders of Unwound (although Sandeno was there at the beginning for a year or two, then left, then returned at the end for the last year or two), playing music together. And it sounds very Unwound-y. This is the best, happiest surprise of 2012 so far for fans of that band. Survival Knife performed for the first time in Olympia, WA during the final days of March, and a soundboard recording of that show has been making its rounds across the Internet ever since.

Word over at the Electrical Audio forum is that one of the band members posted a note on a Facebook page stating that recording was scheduled for April. But another source who spoke to Trosper says that at the moment (meaning presently, meaning no April recording session transpired) the band is just having a lot of fun and he is unsure when recording will occur. For now it seems to be a loose and intermittent thing, but it is bringing joy to those involved. This is about as good as good news gets for fans of Trosper’s music. And by the sounds of the bootleg that was posted on the ‘net last month, when Survival Knife hits the studio the results should be great.

I’m not going to post a link to the recording, but it won’t take you much work to find it if you know how Google works. Or if you know how to click links in the above paragraph. Hint hint. Instead, I’ll just share an MP3 and the first show’s setlist. As of this moment I don’t think any official hub for the band exists online. Not even a Bandcamp page. I KNOW, RIGHT?

Just kidding. Fuck Bandcamp bands! Well, most of ’em, anyway.

Survival Knife
March 29th, 2012
Eagles Hall Bar; Olympia, WA

Name That Tune
Thud Of The Jackboot
Traces Of Me
Flight From Man
Roman Fever
Tropic Of Chaos
By Lasso Or Noose
Divine Mob


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    shit yeah this is the fucking best

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    Content is gone. Ah, well.

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