Sunday Mix Tape Number 269

July 22, 2012
  • Sunday Mix Tape Number 269

I’m exhausted. For the last time in 2012 I stayed out all night partying on a work night. My body is definitely hating me right now, but not as much as I’m hating myself for letting this beastly chick at the party take advantage of me in my drunken stupor. Is there such a thing as a male rape kit? If I go to the hospital are the doctors going to check my penis and testicles for signs of force? How would that work exactly. I wash hoping it was just a nightmare. My friends confirmed the sad truth: it was for real.

Geez. Sorry I was so lazy this past week. I just didn’t feel like blogging. It happens sometimes. And when I get lazy you have to suffer through five posts about weird albums you probably don’t even care for, a worthless story about my father and Batman, and then a news commentary post that was simply me restating the first paragraphs of each of the articles cited while complaining about how I didn’t want to be blogging. Yup…I really didn’t feel like doing anything creative this past week. I promise I’ll do better for the next seven days, starting tomorrow.

Hell, why wait!? Am I right!? Let’s get started now with a new killer mix tape!

RULES for uninitiated noobs: I give birth to a weekly Mix Tape to be deposited on your iPods or Zunes or Kingklangs or whatever the industry is currently pushing on you. Sometimes there will be themes that link all the songs together, other times I’ll just throw songs at a wall (not literally) and see what sticks. No theme this week. Or maybe that’s a theme? Because I’ve been so lazy recently? Yeah, that’s it. The theme is no theme, because I’m lazy.The goal of this endeavor, as always, is to pique your interest in these artists so you’ll support the artists and buy their albums.

Sunday Mix Tape – Number 269
‘Cause Death Could Take You

01. Vashti Bunyan – Some Things Just Stick In Your Mind
02. Swervedriver – Deep Seat
03. Jane Birkin – Help Camionneur!
04. Kevin Ayers – Girl On A Swing
05. Shirley Collins – Blackbirds & Thrushes
06. Jandek – Do You Want Me?
07. Shadowy Men On A Shadowy Planet – Three Piece Suit
08. Michael Hurley – Streets Of Laredo
09. Os Mutantes – Ave, Lucifer
10. Palace Music – Trudy Dies
11. Selda – Ince Ince
12. Ellen Warshaw – Sister Morphine
13. Grandaddy – Levitz
14. Evie Sands – But You Know I Love You
15. Eric Whitacre – Sleep My Child

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