Nucleus – Alleycat

August 29, 2012
  • Nucleus – Alleycat

From Prog Archives:

This was released the same year(1975) as “Snakehips Etcetera” and we have the same six piece lineup.Trevor Tomkins does add percussion on 3 of the 5 tracks. Steve Lillywhite engineered this record which was their last on the Vertigo label.These guys were playing live constantly back then and they seemed to be getting progressively louder,so much so that the drummer(Roger Sellers) moved his drum-set back further from the band and away from the stacks of speakers.There’s so much energy on this album that it really comes across like a live recording.
“Phaideaux Corner” is a funk flavoured track that simply grooves. It’s uptempo with percussion and horns standing out early. Electric piano from Geoff Castle takes the lead 5 minutes in then back to the horns late to end it. “Alley Cat” is more laid back with piano,horns,bass and a beat leading the way. It picks up some after 2 minutes but not for long as it settles right down with guitar and other sparse sounds.It’s building after 4 minutes with trumpet,bass,drums and piano.This is so good. It settles again 8 1/2 minutes in then kicks back in at 9 minutes.Some excellent guitar before 11 1/2 minutes to the end.Nice.

“Splat” sounds like an OZRIC’s song title. Drums,piano and bass lead early as the horns join in.The rhythm stops before 1 1/2 minutes then kicks back in after 2 minutes. Killer stuff. Check out the keyboards 4 minutes in.A spacey calm arrives around 5 minutes then it kicks back in with horns and keyboards. Again this is so good as they rip it up.It settles again before 9 minutes then it kicks back in a minute later. “You Can’t Be Sure” is a cool sounding tune with bass,guitar and trumpet interplay throughout. “Nosegay” is a great sounding uptempo track.The trumpet leads then it’s the electric piano leading before 3 minutes.Check out the drumming after 4 minutes.

Ian Carr does it again ! I like the sax and trumpet on here as usual and the bass is upfront. I must admit i’m a fanboy of this band but for me “Alley Cat” is a definite 4 stars. – Mellotron Storm

(Vertigo, 1975)
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01. Phaideaux Corner
02. Alleycat
03. Splat
04. You Can’t Be Sure
05. Nosegay [MP3]

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