Nucleus – We’ll Talk About It Later

November 28, 2012
  • Nucleus – We’ll Talk About It Later

If you follow me (@evanhlevine) or this blog (@swanfungus) on Twitter, you know that I mentioned this Nucleus record the other night. Why? Because I found an original Australian Vertigo pressing last week, and while listening to it — to Side B in particular — I actually craved weed for the first time in years. It’s Chris Spedding’s guitar leads juxtaposed to the jazz rhythms of “Oasis,” “Ballad of Joe Pimp” and “Easter 1916.” And that organ sound? I wonder if Keith Emerson shit himself (out of jealousy, of course, since people’s jealous often manifests itself in the form of shitting oneself) the first time he heard it. If he ever heard it. More likely one of his pals said, “Dude, don’t even bother listening to that Nucleus record. Karl Jenkins’ performance is closer to perfection than anything you’ll ever record.” And — if in fact that happened- Emerson’s friend would be right.

Here’s Mellotron Storm’s review from Prog Archives:

Jazz/Fusion at it’s best ! As the bio reveals, around ten members of NUCLEUS had left this band over the years to join SOFT MACHINE. Although NUCLEUS may not have made it commercially, they certainly created some of the best music i’ve ever heard. This album is my favourite from the band, and maybe not surprisingly it reminds me of Miles Davis a lot. This is NUCLEUS’ second album and it’s the same lineup from the debut. The songs here are much longer than what the debut offered up, and Jenkins is the prime song writer. I have to tell you that this album is absolutely incredible. If your into Miles Davis you need to check this one out. The first song “Song For The Bearded Lady” opens with horns followed by a full sound. Check out the guitar playing with the bass and drums as horns play over top. Great sound ! I like when it settles before 2 minutes and Carr comes in sounding like Miles. The trumpet stops after 4 minutes but it still sounds amazing. Chunky bass and ever-present drums as the guitar not only lights it up but also gives us that wah-wah effect. Horns are back late to end it. “Sun Child” was written by Marshall and Clyne so expect some great bass and drumming here. The bass is fat while the horns are anything but melodic at times. Nice. Man i could listen to this all day. Marshall is so impressive here. Check out the guitar too ! Fantastic tune ! It settles some after 4 minutes but this is so good ! “Lullaby For A Lonely Child” features some atmosphere with lots of room for the instruments to breathe. Some bouzouki from Spedding as well. A mellow track. “We’ll Talk About it Later” is another highlight. Dark and atmospheric with bass and guitar taking their time. It starts to build 1 1/2 minutes in. Amazing sound ! Horns after 2 1/2 minutes sound so good. Check out Marshall a minute later. This is mind expanding music man. Killer track ! “Oasis” opens with cymbals, piano, aboe and smooth horns.This reminds me of WEATHER REPORT actually. The tempo picks up before 2 minutes. Nice bass as smooth horns continue.This is pleasant and enjoyable. The song starts to get more aggressive as the horns play over top. It settles back after 5 1/2 minutes. Aboe comes in late and leads. “Ballad Of Joe Pimp” is a very different song from the rest. It’s a dark tune with lots of bottom end and vocals. Excellent tune.The last song “Easter 1916” also has vocals, although they are more words then singing.The sax/drum interplay is absolutely amazing in this song. The melancholic horns early are a reprise from “1916”(debut album). A must for fans of SOFT MACHINE and Miles Davis.

Don’t say I didn’t warn you. Also, if it’s your thing, smoke some weed first.

We’ll Talk About It Later
(Vertigo, 1971)
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01. Song For The Bearded Lady
02. Sun Child
03. Lullably For A Lonely Child
04. We’ll Talk About It Later [MP3]
05. Oasis
06. Ballad Of Joe Pimp
07. Easter 1916

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