Race Day

December 2, 2012

You would think this year would be vastly different than last year. I should be more confident, more relaxed, more upbeat and excited. I trust my training, I’m better prepared and — perhaps most importantly — I’ve done this before. When I get to my corral before the starting gun I know I’ve got the experience factor in my corner. The course is different and the weather is different, but the distance and time limit are the same. Alas, nerves are higher than I’d thought they’d be this morning. Am I excited? Of course. I’ve spent four months training for one run, and it’s today. I’ve eaten right for the past 24 hours, my body should be rested enough; this is the first time I’ve spent two nights in Vegas and gone to sleep early with a clean mind and body both nights. Excited, nervous, prepared, well-rested, anxious…there’s a lot going on in my head right now.

Which is why I’m going to close up the laptop and focus on watching some football for the next hour. You can check my personal Twitter or Facebook for updates later tonight after I finish, and tomorrow when I’m back in Los Angeles I’ll do a full recap, just like last year.

Wish me luck.

Beach Boys – In The Back Of My Mind [MP3]

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