Sunday Mix Tape Number 290

January 7, 2013

Hey, Internet pals. How was your weekend? Mine was, you know, it was alright. On Friday evening (after a long day of work) I chilled in my domicile with two of the roommates. We watched what turned out to be one of the worst movies I’ve unintentionally seen in years. What that means is, I like watching really bad movies. I’ll go so far as to seek them out if I haven’t already been turned onto them. Like Tiptoes. Or Mac And Me. Or AntiTrust. But when I sit down to watch a movie I’ve heard good things about and it turns out to be utter garbage? That makes me mad. V/H/S — a new horror movie that got A LOT of hype when it was released — was laughably bad. I have so many horrible things to say about it, I might have to write a full review one day this week.

Last night some friends and I had plans to go to Toke-Town (no, that’s not a drug euphemism, it’s shorthand for Little Tokyo) for sake and sushi and bar hopping. Alas, apparently there was a half-marathon being run downtown and all the streets were closed. Meaning there was a huge traffic snarl, and it ruined our ability to make it to our desired destination. Instead we drove to Koreatown, where sushi isn’t really the name of the game (the game there is more like bibimbap or galbi). So our sushi dinner was subpar. We followed that up with drinks at Mohawk Bend and Gold Room, which — for those of you who do not live in Los Angeles — pretty much means it was the most depressing night of drinking imaginable. Why do I even bother going to terrible bars.

Oh, right. Alcoholism.

Hey, here’s more of “The Best of 2012.” These are songs by artists that were included on my list of the 100 Best Albums of the Year, but no MP3s were posted because I didn’t want to have more than 25 attached on one blog entry. That would be, like, begging for a DMCA takedown notice. And God knows I received enough of those in 2012. Isn’t that right, Mr. Bishop?

Sunday Mix Tape – Number 290
More Of The Best

01. Melody’s Echo Chamber – I Follow You
02. Steve Hauschildt – Accelerated Yearning
03. OM – State Of Non-Return
04. Evan Caminiti – A Memory Of A Mirage
05. Black To Comm – Mirror
06. William Fowler Collins – Devil
07. Dan Melchior – I Know The Emptiness
08. Conan – Battle In The Swamp
09. 51717 – At The Well
10. Panopticon – Come All Ye Coal Miners
11. Mono – Dream Odyssey

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