Various Artists – From Koenji To Eternity

January 25, 2013

And to conclude our week of Japanese noise/metal/experimental/rock, we have this wonderful compilation released by the Inoxia Records label in 1996. If you’re unfamiliar with Inoxia, it is closely related to one of my favorite band of the modern era, Boris. In addition to releasing material, they also distribute other Japanese labels such as Daymare, Pedal and Diwphalanx.

Boris being the most recognizable name on this comp., a description of their contribution is probably in order. The five-minute “Vacuum” begins with white noise juxtaposed to a somewhat-creepy narration, and then transitions into some brilliant hardcore with shrill, screamed vocals. So, in other words, it’s the entirety of the early Boris catalog condensed into one song.

If you recognize the name Null, it’s likely because KK is a member of Zeni Geva, whose collaboration with Steve Albini, All Right, You Little Bastards was highlighted in yesterday’s blog post.

If you weren’t a fan of the Japanese noise/experimental music I shared this week, you might want to check back next Tuesday and Wednesday, as I’ll be sharing some hidden gems from a recent batch of Electronic/Avant-Garde LPs I uncovered.

Various Artists
From Koenji To Eternity
(Inoxia, 1996)
MediaFire DL Link

01. Korean Buddhist God – Big Oriental Muff
02. Gaji – Cleanup Snakepit
03. Konk + Null – Godzilla
04. OAC – 1998
05. Mustard Masturbation – Present
06. Boris – Vacuum [MP3]
07. Mustard Masturbation – Neutral
08. OAC – Fashion
09. Konk + Null – Shimensoka (Koh-u) – BC 202
10. Kirihito – BSM
11. OAC – DCL

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