Mikami Kan – Dune 963

February 20, 2013

Hey, sorry these aren’t the highest quality audio files but it’s the best I have to work with and I’m too busy today to sift through my CD collection just to rip it at a higher bit-rate. You understand, right? Well…you’d better understand — and quick — if you want to hear this album.

Mikami Kan has been hailed as one of the world’s most original, contemporary “truth-tellers.” Considering I don’t speak Japanese, I’m going to have to take the Internet’s word for it. It’s funny to think that an artist like this would be recording for the venerable PSF label (Dune 963 was his sixth release for PSF). But, again, maybe the lyrical content is more in line with traditional PSF artists (like High Rise, Fushitsusha/Keiji Haino, Mainliner, et. al.).

The excerpt about Dune 963 on Forced Exposure says, “There’s not really a lot to say about Japan’s most powerful singer-songwriter of the post-war generation. He is simply one of the most unique artists you’re ever likely to hear (or not). This CD sees the shaven-headed powerhouse in a slightly more pensive mode than the previous Jazz, And Other Things — there’s a warmer, gorgeous semi-acoustic glow to the proceedings (at least compared to the last outings full electric attack). Some amazing Tsugaru tongue-action too. It’s still not too late to remedy your ignorance re: one of the contemporary world’s original truth-tellers. You need this.”

It’s a beautiful album, that’s for sure. I love the melodies, the acoustic guitar, Kan’s voice…it’s a perfect singer-songwriter record except I have no fucking idea what he’s singing about. So…you figure it out.

Mikami Kan
Dune 963
(PSF Records, 1996)
MediaFire DL Link

01. Red
02. Why Stop If You Like It [MP3]
03. West East
04. Insects Coupling
05. Banquet
06. The Loudness of Cicadead
07. Vajra
08. At The Harbor In My Shorts
09. Empty Kara
10. Guard
11. Grass And Willow And A Large Storehouse And A Hot Spring And A Steam Train

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