Sunday Mix Tape Number 294

February 3, 2013

Hey, how was the Super Bowl?

No, seriously. Tell me how the Super Bowl was, because I had to work and missed 98% of it. I heard the lights went out. That must’ve been a sight to see. Were the commercials any good? I watched the Bob Odenkirk one online a few days ago. It sure was long for a commercial about a phone!

If your team won, good for you. Don’t gloat about it, asshole. I’m sure I didn’t gloat last year when my team won it all. Oh, wait. Yes I did. I bought shots for everyone in the bar. I had to grab a half-dozen friends and move my celebration out of my house because it was filled with 30 or 40 Patriots fans. As much as I would have liked to shower myself in champagne right in front of their stupid loser faces, I took the high road. All the way to the bar. It was magical.

If your team lost, sorry! It’s just a sport. These things don’t matter. These things ESPECIALLY don’t matter if you live outside of the United States. I’d be surprised if — aside from ex-pats — more than a million people overseas tune in for the game.

In celebrat– no, just kidding. This mix tape has nothing to do with the Super Bowl. Enjoy.

RULES for uninitiated noobs: I give birth to a weekly Mix Tape to be deposited on your iPods or Zunes or Kingklangs or whatever the industry is currently pushing on you. Sometimes there will be themes that link all the songs together, other times I’ll just throw songs at a wall (not literally) and see what sticks.áIf you can’t figure out the theme this week there might seriously be something wrong with you. Like, from an intelligence standpoint. The goal of this endeavor, as always, is to pique your interest in these artists so you’ll support the artists andábuy their albums.

Sunday Mix Tape – Number 294
A Is Forů

01. Assemble Head In Sunburst Sound – L.A. Sacrifice
02. Arab On Radar – Swimming With A Hard-On
03. Acid Mothers Guru Guru – For Bunka-San
04. Alcest – Elevation
05. Alligator Crystal Moth – Epicenter Crystals
06. Aube – Rebounce
07. Abunai! – 2CT-7
08. Apse – The Whip
09. A Taste Of Ra – 37 Turns ‘Round You
10. Silvester Anfang – Corporelijck Punieren
11. Annelies Monsere – You Were On My Side (Guitar)
12. Axolotl – Apergy
13. A Winged Victory For The Sullen – Minuet For A Cheap Piano Part Two
14. Antique Brothers – Clop’d Visions
15. Amber Asylum – Song For The Spider War


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    Neat how the arbitrary theme yielded a pretty consistent mournful vibe. Or is it that lately you’re only listening to sad stuff?

  2. |

    I think it was mostly coincidence, as I didn’t listen to a single one of the tracks before I picked them at random…but I guess most of the stuff I listen to in general could be described as mournful.

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